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Beyoncé shares happy family photos amid rumors of marital strife

Beyoncé shares family photos

Beyoncé attempts to dispel rumors of her troubled marriage by posting new photos of herself and rapper beau husband Jay Z, playing happy family with their adorable daughter Blue Ivy.

During some down time on their “On the Run” tour circuit, the Carter family headed to the beach for a little R&R. Jay and Bey were noticeably smitten with one another, as they waded in the water hand in hand.

In another snap, the 32-year-old can be seen floating through serene waters with her arms stretched out while forming her husband’s Roc Nation sign with her hands.

The couple, who have been bombarded with rumors of infidelity since Carter-gate, continue to hold a united front. But is it all a show? Hit the flip for more of the Carter’s family photos and you be the judge. – ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie