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Celebrity Photos » Oprah, Steve Harvey, Marlon Wayans and more share condolences for Robin Williams

Oprah, Steve Harvey, Marlon Wayans and more share condolences for Robin Williams


Robin Williams may be gone but he will never be forgotten. When you live a life for others there is no way that you cannot impact the world. Oprah, Steve Harvey, Whoopi Goldberg and many more were at a loss for words when hearing of the suicide of Williams.

Marlon Wayans posted the above photo quoting, “No words. Just no words. I am completely taken. One of my near dear heroes … Gone. The world lost a gift, a genius, a comedic pioneer. So gifted. Showed the world to take comedy serious. God bless u and rest you, what do u do with the guy that can do EVERYTHING? EVERYTHING!!! Thank u for your artistry and inspiration. Make a God poss his pants… Jesus too. Love u and respect u #riprobinwilliams”

Robin Williams celeb tribute_Rolling Out Joi Pearson-7

Robin Williams celeb tribute_Rolling Out Joi Pearson-14


Robin Williams celeb tribute_Rolling Out Joi Pearson-10Check out more heartfelt messages sent by more celebs in the flip. –joi pearson @joipearson

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  1. sugarbutterbean on August 13, 2014 at 1:26 pm

    ITS HARD TO imagine what would make a human with so much love around him , believe he has nothing ? what would make a man so fun and funny and happy take his own life ..his life is what he had to give his flesh is not what we love its the spirit the laughter he made i would laugh so hard at him i would cry .. he had a happy face his whole face was joy .. i can not see why his world was so dark and the innner demonds could get to him .. i though people who had love around them didnt think of such a thing as dieing /? THAT DONT EVEN SEEM REAL TO ME … WHY WOULD robin just choke the life out of hiself ?> no words could say how i feel about suicide its the hidden part of all of us .. at one point we thought how great it would be to escape this evil world go on to the next chapter >? i under stand cause i was depressed once and its a fear of this world and hte people in it … but let me telll yall its all in the brain , that instruement we have that controls every hting you do … your mind is weak then your weak …. robin was weak.. weak to no return .. its not an easy thing to do but when you do you just escallate and get worst theres a point of no return when your depressed … i pray for his family theymust be struggling right now . badly ……. i dont know robin williams i want pretend he was my favorite comedian even but i enjoyed his laughter he gave, i see how he touched so many sick kids and familys in need GOD THANK YOU FOR THIS MAN AND TAKE CARE OF HIM GOD LIKE ONLY YOU CAN …