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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ star Kalenna talks about her new album, ‘Black Orchid’

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Rolling out had the opportunity to catch up with “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Kalenna to talk about her new album Black Orchid coming out this year. She tells us what’s expected from the album, and her EP Rose Water that just dropped this month. Also, she discusses her working relationship with her husband and making it successful. Check it out.

As an extraordinary artist and songwriter, when are you satisfied with the music you put out?
I think as a creator you definitely need a team that’s going to pull your coattail. I’ve been working on my project Black Orchid for some time now and I want to give people a true account of what I’ve been going through as a woman. The music and the lyrics have to match each other. Music is all a process, and some artists take a significant amount of time to achieve that. So, for me, since I’m writing and producing this album, it’s taking me longer because it’s like my baby. I want it to be right.

What can your fans expect to hear from this new album, Black Orchid?
I’ve always been very open about my sexuality, spirituality and the love I have for my husband. So people [will] hear that vocally. I think people will be able to hear that I’ve grown as an artist and I think it’s going to be dope!

With you being a part of the “Love & Hip Hop” brand, does it help or hinder you as an artist?
I definitely think it’s helped. People are talking! People are interested in what I’m doing. I think that if anyone goes into my situation with a positive mindset and you have a clear message of what you’re trying to do, then it’ll all work out. Reality TV is definitely something you can get lost in, but I look at it as a big commercial for people to see the real you.

What other artists would you want to work with, dead or alive?
Michael Jackson. That’s who I admire because we shared the same frame of mind: trying to save the world. I also would’ve loved to do something with Donny Hathaway, just to understand how deep and passionate he was. Now, alive my top person was always Puff and it was like a dream come true. But, I would also want to work with some of my favorites: Jazmine Sullivan, Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot and Lady Gaga. All of us get together to do a cool expression record, encouraging women’s empowerment. I think it would be dope.

With all of your accomplishments, what are your ingredients to success?
Earlier on in my career success for me was hanging around “the ballers,” and having lots of money with the ability to buy whatever you wanted. But, now my priorities have shifted and I’m all about being able to take care of my family. Success to me is now being the wife I am to my husband. We promised each other “till death do us part” and I wanna do my part.

Has reality TV changed the dynamics of your marriage?
You know, it’s a beautiful thing when you’re happy with the person you’re with and not tempted by everything that’s out there. … Being on a reality TV show is not going to disturb the love that I have for my husband. My husband wants just as much for his family as I do.

The new EP “Rose Water” is now out and is a prequel to the much anticipated album “Black Orchid.” Click here to hear one of the new songs, Borderline,

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