Master P defends himself in court against abuse accusations

Master P/YouTube Screenshot
Master P/YouTube screenshot

Master P’s personal life has been going up in flames over the past week thanks to his nasty divorce battle with his ex-wife, Sonya Miller. Not only has she sued their son Romeo Miller for allegedly helping P hide money from her, but she also filed a restraining order against P, claiming he abused her. But now P and Sonya have shown up in court together over the order and a new report is saying things got tense in the courtroom.

As previously reported, Sonya filed a temporary restraining order back in October, claiming that “long ago” P hit her in the face and dragged her across the floor during an altercation.

Yesterday, the exes were set to appear in court so a judge could make the restraining order permanent. But according to TMZ, P showed up to court 90 minutes late and didn’t have a lawyer by his side to defend him. Instead, P showed up with his kids, who were told to wait outside, and the judge chastised him for being late.

However, P told the judge that he had no clue about the court date until TMZ contacted him about their story on Sonya’s abuse accusations.

Things between P and Sonya became heated in the courtroom as she accused P of allegedly putting a hit out on her. Sonya was reportedly an “emotional wreck” during her testimony and she allegedly even interrupted P when it was his turn to speak to the judge.

There’s no word yet on how the court date ended, but clearly this case is still just as messy as ever.

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