White man covers home with Confederate flags to terrorize his new Black neighbors


A Black man thought that he was providing his family with a more peaceful environment when he moved them to a home in New Market, Maryland. However, he soon encountered hate and racism from his White next door neighbor.

According to WTTG-TV, Dante began experiencing harassment from his White neighbor, Shaun Porter, shortly after he moved into the neighborhood in 2014. Porter has hung several Confederate flags outside of his home and placed small flags on his pickup truck. Porter has also carried guns and threatened to kill anyone who steps near the home he currently rents. Porter allegedly pulled out a gun on several men who parked their car in front of his yard. The men were in the community to work on Dante’s home. Porter has been known to blast loud music in the wee hours of the morning.

Dante attempted to stop Porter’s harassment by calling the police. But when the police left, Porter spray painted F— Dante on his own truck. Porter also spray painted “I Love Jenkins” on his truck in reference to Sheriff Charles Jenkins who speaks out against immigration.

Porter’s action is another example of why racist expressions should be viewed as dangerous and terroristic speech. Similar to how someone could face jail time for communicating with ISIS or showing interest in a terrorist organization, racists should be forced to face criminal charges.

Porter could possibly face hate crime charges for his constant harassment of Dante and his family.

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