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The 13th annual Silver Room Block Party paints true picture of Chicago

Owner of The Silver Room Eric Williams and guests (Photo credit: Eddy “Precise” Lamarre for Steed Media)

The Silver Room Sound System Block Party is back after a break following its move from Wicker Park to the South Side Hyde Park Community. For many years this has been a highly anticipated event funded by the Silver Rooms owner, Eric Williams, and donations from patrons and sponsors. The event is essentially a celebration of art, music and culture and this year it was better than ever.

People from all over Chicago converged on Harper’s Court with the sole purpose of spreading and receiving good feelings. Over the past few years, Hyde Park has been receiving a facelift courtesy of the University of Chicago. The Hyatt Hotel, Whole Foods and a few new apartment/condominium projects have popped up. Depending on who you ask, this is great for the community or these developments are stealing the soul of a neighborhood that has always been close knit. If your way of thinking leans more toward the latter it is more reason that the Silver Room Block Party is so amazing.

The South Side of Chicago is not the darling of the media and from many reports is painted as if it is a crime-ridden world with no hope of redemption. This family friendly celebration puts this lie to rest. Thousands travel to the heart of the South Side ready to dance, fellowship and celebrate life in the name of love. We asked Mario Smith, the “mayor” of Hyde Park and WHPK radio personality, what makes the Block Party so special. “The thing that makes The Silver Room Sound System Block Party dope is the fact that we gather peacefully, we have an amazing time and we require every patron to reassess their position in our current environment. This is truly our homecoming,” he said

This homecoming brought out a diverse groups of thousands and filled Harper’s Court with an energy that lit the night sky. Freedom, love, joy and peace is the mantra. We welcome the return of the Silver Room Sound System Block Party and we appreciate the true nature of Chicago showing itself.

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