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Why you need to focus to win on social media

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Social media is a noisy, busy place and if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself trying to keep up with everyone and everything. Branding and building an impactful brand will require you to look past all of the clutter to decide what it is you offer uniquely. Your audience will appreciate a clear view of exactly how you can help them whether it be with services or offerings.

So how do you avoid being a jack-of-all-trades and create a significant presence?

  1. Narrow down your niche. You will have a target market and a niche market. Your target market is a general collection of who your client will be; your niche market is a particular part of the target that you will serve. For example, a target market would be female entrepreneurs; a niche market would be female entrepreneurs who offer digital products or creative services. Having your niche defines allows you to narrow in on exactly what type of services to offer. The more defined your brand becomes, the easier it is for the client who needs you to find you. Your products or services will be better received because it’s clear who they are meant for and exactly how you solve a client’s pain point or problem.
  2. Watch trends before implementing them. Most trends are short-lived, and your brand doesn’t have to hop on each one to remain relevant. Creating brand loyalty is more important than the hashtag of the moment. Your audience will appreciate you staying true to what attracted them to your brand in the first place and trust you to deliver content that’s needed which puts your brand in a leadership role.
  3. Be patient and remain focused. While some success stories can seem as if they happened overnight, many are months if not years in the making. Create and stick to a strategy for growth. Make adjustments as you go along to accommodate for what you learn works and doesn’t. Frequent changes won’t allow your audience to warm up to new material or offer you feedback on what they actually like.

Overall, social media is about being social, but the goal is to say the right things to the right people. You can’t be everything to everyone and it’s a waste of time to try. Focus on your unique message, find your tribe and clearly serve.