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Branding guru Brittany Alexis helping women manifest their dreams

Photo Credit: B_Nix Photography

Brittany Alexis is a dynamic branding guru that plays a major role in propelling entrepreneurs to get the best start imaginable for their business. From graphic and web design to branding seminars and social media etiquette, Alexis is the go-to girl when you want your business to make it to the top.

Alexis has turned her passion for creativity into an amazing brand that builds other amazing brands.

Photo Credit: B_Nix Photography

How did you get your start in branding? 

I am a self-taught graphic designer, so I started back when social media started popping off, like in the MySpace, Crushspot, Bebo days. I would design all of my pictures for my personal profile so a lot of people started reaching out to me asking me to do graphics for their page. So, I just started designing for other people and they would start referring other people to me.

With branding, I moved to Atlanta in 2011 and I had a few internships with some big brands like Cupcake Mafia, Think It’s A Game Records, and BET. I learned a lot about branding just by interning with those different companies, so in being their graphic designer, there were a lot of things in the business aspect that I didn’t know that I had to learn. That’s how I got into branding.

Tell us more about your businesses. 

With me being a graphic designer and being nationally published, a lot of clients started asking me, “Well, do you teach classes? Can you teach me how to do this/that?” I was kind of getting overwhelmed at the time because I had so many people coming to me. So, I created @BrandUWorkshops , which is a workshop course for women entrepreneurs and I teach them how to brand their business. Along with that I also conduct women empowerment workshops within that brand. With me having a love for women empowerment and branding, I just mixed the two and made @BrandUWorkshops.

I also started a blog recently called @ProjectGetFresh which is a vegan lifestyle blog. I’ve been vegan for about 2 1/2 years now and a lot of people ask me about what I eat and just about my vegan lifestyle in general. So, I decided to share my recipes and all of my vegan eats on a blog. That’s how that came about.

I also have another company called @PopVids which is a digital marketing company. It’s a 15 second flashing video with text, color and music, so every time I would do a graphic design like 50 percent off websites, I would make like these cute little videos that popped to the music and it would promote whatever sale I was having at the time and people started asking me to do videos like it for them. So, I said I’ll just start a company called @PopVids. I don’t know where the name came from, but it just kind of came out of nowhere because that’s what it looks like: pop vids.

The Women Empowerment Vision Board Brunch that you did earlier this year with self-made millionaire and hair extraordinaire Ming Lee was definitely a game changer. What impact do you think it had on the women in attendance? And what was the main thing you wanted them to take away that day? 

I definitely think it had a very big impact on all of the women. I got nothing but great, great reviews from that event. To be honest, I didn’t know that it was going to be that many people, we had about 150 people there and I was only expecting 40 to 50. So many women were encouraged to just go ahead and start their businesses.

The one key takeaway that I wanted women to leave with that day was to follow your dreams, follow your vision, no matter what it is, as long as you’re passionate about it. As long as you stay positive, it will manifest.

As a branding expert, what is the best branding advice that you could give someone?

So, with a lot of businesses, when they start they get their logo done. Of course, that’s like the first step but a lot of businesses don’t really know what a branding guideline is. A branding guideline is a guide that has your logo on there, it has your color codes that are used within your logo and the font that is used within your logo. I think this is very important to have because it keeps your brand cohesive. … When you look at brands like Target or Nordstrom or any big brand, anytime you get marketing material in the mail or you’re looking anywhere around their store, everything is cohesive. So, I definitely think that it’s the most important thing that entrepreneurs should have when it comes to starting up a brand.

You have a branding seminar @GoGetHerConference that’s coming up this Saturday. Tell us more about the event and share some of what you have in store for the ladies. 

The @GoGetHerConference is an amazing event for women to come and learn and take away major keys to success and I am so happy to be a part of it. I am doing the “Establish Her Dream” workshop, which is a 45-minute workshop where I will pretty much be coaching women on how to effectively brand their business. We will go over logo structure, branding guidelines, color cohesiveness; everything that a brand should visually have.

Anything coming up in the near future that you want us to look out for?

I am launching a clothing line late spring 2018, Project Get Fresh will be launching some blog posts as well. I’ll be sharing more vegan recipes and juicing recipes and I’ll also be traveling, I am expecting a baby, so once the baby gets here, I’ll be doing a travel piece to the blog as well, which will include me going to different states trying different vegan restaurants and giving a review. But you can always stay in touch with me by following me on Instagram @iambrittanyalexis.