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Tekashi 6ix9ine allegedly ordered hit on Chief Keef’s cousin, Tadoe

Rap star Tekashi69 (Photo source: [email protected])

As if rapper Tekashi69 is not in enough trouble with the law, the media is reportedly in possession of a damning video in which 6ix9ine allegedly ordered a hit on the cousin of fellow rapper Chief Keef.

What makes the video, which was obtained by TMZ, even more compelling is that the alleged order came just days before Chief Keef barely escaped gunfire at the W Hotel in New York City, an incident that made national news in May. Tekashi denied any involvement in that shooting, but the arrival of this video could inspire local and federal police agencies to take a second and even more meticulous look at that case.

The video in question shows Tekashi on FaceTime with Chief Keef’s cousin, Tadoe. Tekashi, 22, is walking around animatedly as he engages in a fiery conversation with Tadoe.

Rapper Tadoe (Photo source: [email protected]_dagloden1)

“Who’s the last person you shot?” Tekashi asked Tadoe repeatedly while taunting him for not being a hot musical product and for failing to sell many records.

It is well known to music fans that the Brooklyn-bred rapper 6ix9ine had been publicly beefing with Chief Keef’s camp earlier this year. This video was shot at the end of May, TMZ states.

Tekashi and Tadoe continue to argue on Facetime for approximately two minutes. Near the end of the clip, an irritated Tekashi asks for Tadoe’s address.

“Matter fact, I’ma just get your address. I know where you at,” says the “Gummo” rapper. “You gonna be in your crib or Sossa hotel?” Tekashi asks, referring to Chief Keef’s hotel. Keef’s Instagam name is @chiefkeefsossa.

Afterward, Tekashi stands up and allegedly appears to put a $30,000 bounty on Tado, according to TMZ.

“Yo, I gotta thirty pack on him right now,” Tekashi gloats to his crew. “Swear to God I gotta thirty pack. Thirty thou cash.”

There is little question that the video will be viewed carefully by members of federal law enforcement and the judge if they haven’t seen it already. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is the U.S. Justice Department agency that executed the arrest of Tekashi and members of his crew last week.

Meanwhile, Tekashi remains in federal custody with enough charges hanging over his head, including racketeering and actual shootings, to keep him behind bars for life if convicted. The judge has already denied Tekashi bail as he declared the rapper to dangerous to be out on the streets at this point.