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Roseanne blasts Kamala Harris, calls #MeToo participants slanderous names

Roseanne blasts Kamala Harris, calls #MeToo participants slanderous names
Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris. (File photo: United States Senate –

Even as she decried the fact that her career has been demolished due to her imprudent utterances recently, comedic actress Roseanne Barr blasted presidential candidate Kamala Harris as a woman who prostituted her body for power and called many women involved in the #MeToo movement “h–s.”

Roseanne, 66, who is known universally by her first name and is the creator of her now-defunct eponymous sitcom, appeared on the inaugural episode of “The Candace Owens Show,” where she proceeded to blast the California senator, the #MeToo movement, Christine Ford Blasey and others.

When the topic of #MeToo movement was broached, Roseanne said she recently spoke with someone who suggested that the women involved “were there in the room because they thought they were getting a job 15 years ago,” she began.

“Well, it’s because they’re h–s,” Roseanne said using a pejorative term for women. “Like if you don’t run out of the room and go, ‘Excuse me, you don’t do that to me,’ or, ‘You don’t do that to me,’ and leave, but you stayed around because you’re like, ‘Well, I thought maybe he was going to give me a writing job,’ well, you aren’t nothing but a h–.”

Roseanne and Owens also discussed women who find themselves in powerful men’s hotel rooms at 3 a.m. Owens agreed with Roseanne’s assessment that the women are being dishonest if they are “pretending that they didn’t go to trade sexual favors for money.”

Speaking of bartering sex for money and power, Roseanne segued to Harris, D-California, calling the U.S. senator and presidential hopeful “Kama Sutra Harris.”

“We all know what she did…she slept her way to the bottom,” Barr said in reference to the senator’s previous relationship with the legendary former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. Brown said in an editorial published in the San Francisco Chronicle that he greatly aided Harris’ career after she completed law school with back-to-back state jobs for high six-figure salaries. Their past romance came under intense scrutiny after Harris announced her presidential candidacy.

“There was a time as a feminist where we don’t do that. We have respect for ourselves and we stick together, but that all went to hell, too,” Barr added.

Owens, a right-wing conservative and MAGA supporter, agreed with Roseanne:

“I think feminism ultimately needs to be about truth-telling. I’m not into garnering power against men. That’s not feminism. Stop calling it feminism. That’s some radicalized White women’s movement. As I say, it’s the ‘White women’s march.’”

“That’s what I say, too,” Roseanne replied.

Roseanne also said that Ford, who accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault during their high school years in the 1980s, “should be in prison.”

Owens said, “She’s not required to file a police report or anything, and she collected millions of dollars,” referring to the numerous GoFundMe accounts in support of Ford.

Check out the video below, in which Roseanne and Owens gang up on Harris and the #MeToo movement at about the 33-minute mark.

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