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Safaree publicly begs Erica Mena to forgive him for cheating

Metaphorically speaking, rapper and reality star Safaree Samuels is on bended knee publicly imploring his girlfriend Erica Mena to forgive him for trying to cheat with his ex-girlfriend Gabrielle Davis.

Safaree Lloyd Samuels, 37, was exposed when Davis posted the text messages from Samuels repeatedly trying to connect with her while he was publicly celebrating his relationship with Mena. Samuels even went so far as to privately text Davis saying adamantly that “I am not getting married” to Mena, which was like the final dagger.

Mena, 32, tacitly confirmed that she was crushed and was in no mood to forgive him. She posted an Instagram Live video, captured by SpillRealityT, showing Mena taking the roses that Safaree sent her and throwing them on the floor and then stomping on them.

When the roses failed to win Mena back, Safaree took to begging Mena with a series of desperate Twitter posts pleading with Mena to forgive him for trying to creep on the low.