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R&B singer Kissie Lee’s unique style is evident on new EP ‘Real’

R&B Singer Kissie Lee (Photo Credit: Jahret Rainey)

Born in Germany, raised in Denver, and now living in Atlanta, R&B singer Kissie Lee has been writing hits for R&B favorites such as Chris Brown, Keke Wyatt, Jacquees and more. And Lee continues to use the power of the pen, prompting the releasing of her new EP Real. Lee stopped by rolling out studios to discuss her new EP, The Everlasting Tour with Sammie and Damar Jackson, and the video for her new single “Cotton Candy.” 

What has the journey been like from the beginning to the release of your new EP?

The journey from the beginning until my EP Real has been real. I had a baby while recording some of the songs. I definitely went through a transitional period in my life, so I put in a lot of hard work, [along with] my heart and soul. For my EP to be out right now and people are loving the sound of it, it’s amazing.

How has it been for you to work with R&B greats like Keke Wyatt and Sammie?

It’s actually been pretty crazy. I think I need to pinch myself because they really hopped on my project and went off. It’s amazing, Keke Wyatt, her voice is incredible and crazy big. A legend on my track. Sammie has had this long 20-year career and he’s a legend in the game too.

Being an R&B artist, how do you feel your sound fits in the culture right now? 

I feel it fits in perfectly. I’m saying Top 10 Billboard charts. It fits perfectly in that spot. I feel R&B will never die. It might have taken a back seat to other genres of music, but it’s definitely back right now. I’m just excited because that’s something I’ve been doing my whole life.

What was your favorite song to record off your EP?

My favorite one to record was ‘More than a Friend’ produced by Doug City and Twan Da God. It has so many harmonies and backgrounds. Then I would say out of my top two favorites it would be “Real.”

What artist do you want to work with soon?

I want to work with everybody. But seriously, I would love to work with Bruno Mars. He’s so dope. The last three albums that he recorded were all classics from front to back to back to front. His albums just go off. His ragged style. I just love the energy of it.

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Real is available now to download and stream on all digital music platforms. Here’s the official video of Kissie Lee’s new single “Cotton Candy.”