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Tamika Mallory reveals the truth about being unapologetically Black at RIDE Con

Mallory also urged attendees to support Steed and other Black-owned businesses. “When we leave this conference, will we send money back and make sure that we’re subscribed to rolling out? Will we ensure that we speak well of it and that we repost what is on the website for the day? And will we support Roland Martin and make sure that his course of having his own show that is not connected to any major network, that we keep him on the air because who else tells the truth like Roland Martin?”

Mallory concluded by encouraging the audience to support those who fight for the cause. “We have to start figuring out as a people, each one of us, what are we putting in,” Mallory counseled. “Is it okay for activists who are out here in our society to not be able to pay their rent? We will give our money to the Chanel’s, Gucci’s, restaurants, and all types of people who are not invested in our communities. But when we see someone doing the work, we are so quick to question and criticize them, rather than supporting our own. That’s what this RIDE Conference is about. For me. It’s about us supporting our own people.”

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