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Rapper Khia blasted for crude HIV joke about Bobby Lytes (video)

Rapper Khia (Image source: Instagram – @khiathugmisses)

Fans are repulsed by rapper Khia and are reading her for filth after she made crude and abrasive HIV jokes about Bobby Lytes, the cousin of rapper Trina.

Khia, 41, (real name Shamone Finch) of Tampa, Florida, has made a career out of slamming fellow Floridian Trina, 44, who was born Katrina Laverne Taylor in Miami.

Fans believe Khia was way out of line for mocking Trina just after her mother died with this scorching and brutal video:

While Trina has remained silent for the time being, her cousin Bobby Lytes (a gay rapper whos’ been featured on “Love and Hip Hop: Miami”) bites back hard at Khia on Twitter:

“This b— has been antagonizing Trina for years, nobody gives a f— ever. Everybody ignores her, but today you crossed the line. For you to think you would receive any positive feedback for what you said, indicates to me that you are in fact EVIL, Crazy, and delusional!”

Afterward, Lytes also comes for Khia’s scalp on Instagram with this message:

Click here to go to the next page to see Lyte continue to bombard Khia and her response:

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