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Cardi B says she’s moving to Antarctica (video)

Cardi B (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Anyone familiar with rap superstar Cardi B is well aware of her propensity for going off on tirades on Twitter and Instagram at a moment’s notice.

Therefore, it will come as no surprise to pop culture fans that the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker ranted in her bathrobe about the coronavirus, also called COVID-19, that has now been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

The wife to Migos’ rapper Offset said she considered dashing off to one of the Caribbean islands or a nearby destination to escape the virus outbreak that has hit the United States.

In light of the prolific virus and its frightening reach, Cardi has opted for the icy continent of Antarctica, realizing that it may be the only place on earth that has not been impacted at this point.

“I’ll make sure I say Hi to Santa Claus for yaaaa .B—- s— just hit the fan! (sic)” she captioned the video.

She was half joking about the icy continent as she squirts alcohol sanitizer onto her hands and rubs them together.

Even though Cardi fans do not boast the disposable income she has, they still empathize with her fears.

“Tom Hanks has Corona Virus now. If Forrest Gump can get it anyone can!” one fan wrote in the comments section.

Flip the page to check out Cardi’s latest rant on the coronavirus and her possible travel plans. (WARNING: NSFW)

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