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Female Success Factor » Grammy-certified singer Tarrey Torae provides love, healing and soul with music

Grammy-certified singer Tarrey Torae provides love, healing and soul with music

Tarrey Torae (Photo courtesy of J. Ivy Richardson)

Tarrey Torae is a Grammy-certified singer and songwriter who has worked with John Legend, Kanye West, J. Ivy, Slick Rick and more.

She is the lead vocalist for Slick Rick The Ruler’s tour and also does lead vocals for poet, J. Ivy.

Torae’s latest recording is titled The Sweetest Survivor and she has a new upcoming record titled Thanks For The Love.

Rolling out is committed to bringing awareness to successful women leaders in our community. We spoke with Torae as a part of our Women’s History Month recognition.

How would you describe your brand in three words?

I would describe my brand in the form of my artistic mission statement: The goal of my music career and brand is to use music to identify the emotions associated with love, productive community action, good and bad life issues, and the growth through it all. Most of my music is written as a musical testimony to the character of life’s hardest situations, and most beautiful lessons. But if we break it down into just three words I’d say: Love, Healing, Soulful

History has shown us that some business practices are slow to change. What skills and insights do women of color add to corporate boards or to C-suites?

What I know about Black women is that we always make the most of it all. We are the spice to life and the raw zeal that is always necessary in business. More than ever, I see us doing more and more of the impossible in corporate America, all the while making it look easy. I think women of color possess a certain charm mixed with knowledge, based on how hard we have to fight for it and I think it gives us a bright light that is rare in business, period. While some business practices are slow to change, I know that we are the fastest-growing population of small businesses in America.

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