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New York nurse goes viral after seeing patients dying from COVID-19 (video)

D’neil Schmall (Image source: Facebook / @DneilSchmall)A nurse who works in a temporary hospital located in Central Park has gone viral after sharing information about what she’s witnessing on a daily basis.

D’neil Schmall moved to New York in March to help with patients who have been affected by COVID-19, according to her Facebook page. In just a few weeks, she has witnessed the virus take lives.

“I cried the whole way home, I mean the driver was like, ‘Ma’am are you okay,” she said while recording the video. “I don’t think people understand how stressful this job is. I was trained for anything in the world but this is so stressful.,,Everyone is trying hard, everyone is trying so hard. But we got so much to do. We are humans too.”

Schmall also revealed that the experience can be very isolating for workers in the medical field.

“I have friends that are nurses and I’m pretty sure that they understand, but they are going through the same thing,” she said. “So the end result is you end up crying in your hotel room. Or in the bathroom. There is no one to talk to.”

At press time, New York leads the nation in infections and deaths by COVID-19, as 159,937 people have been infected and 7,067 have died.

View video below: