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The passion of DJ Miss Brit commands the crowds on the 1s and 2s

DJ Miss Brit (Photo courtesy of Brittany Lynch)

Brittany Lynch is a woman who possesses many talents. In rolling out’s vernacular, she is a Sister with Superpowers! Lynch, who is also known as DJ Mis Brit, is a mom, poet and entrepreneur who fiercely advocates for artists in communities of color.

The former host of St. Paul’s KFAI FM Radio hosted a weekday morning show held additional duties as the leading lady on the “Wake Up” and “Soul Tools Radio” on Saturday evenings. Since leaving radio, Lynch created the Trill Moms Podcast, dedicated to eradicating disparities for Black infants and mothers.

Lynch’s passion comes to life when she’s behind the 1s and 2s as DJ Miss Brit. She currently works as curator and DJ for the Icehouse. DJ Miss Brit is also the official tour DJ for international hip-hop artist Toki Wright.

(Photo provided by Brittany Lynch)

City: Minneapolis, MN, and Boston, MA
Currently spinning: First Avenue, Graze Libations and Provisions
Style/genre: ElectroSoul, R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Afrobeats
Social media handle: @HeyMissBrit on all platforms

How did you come up with your DJ name?
Before becoming a DJ I was a teacher, spoken word artist and radio host. My students called me Miss Brit and I took it with me to open mics and to the radio. Keeping the name when I officially began DJing was a natural transition.

Name three DJs you admire who made an influence on the DJ culture. Why these three?
DJ Shannon Blowtorch — She taught me a lot about versatility in music, equipment, and gigs. She also led by example and showed me the importance of women supporting one another in the industry.

DJ Digie — He’s the ultimate multi-hyphenate. He’s definitely the go-to guy for events. I learned from him that DJs don’t just provide music. We provide an experience through quality technique, preparedness and quality gear.

Spider J Hamilton — He taught me a lot about harmonic blends, being a radio DJ and having quality airchecks. Spider has been in the game for almost 50 years. I can’t even quantify how big his impact has been on the culture as a whole.

Who are your three favorite producers of music? Why?
Kaytranada — I love his fusions of hip hop, house, R&B and electrosoul.
Mannie Fresh — He produced so many hits from NOLA that changed the world, including the greatest love song of all time, “Back That Azz Up.”
Timbaland — He’s mastered vocal integration into his tracks which gives him a sonic aesthetic that doesn’t sound like anyone else.

Name two musical experiences that changed your life?
I saw the late Pam Da Funkstress rock a crowd, then she did her infamous titty scratch and my mind was blown.

My former assistant (Monae Hayslett) met Spinderella at a conference and told her I was getting ready to have a baby. The next thing I know, I have a video message on my phone from DJ Spinderella reminding me that I could still have a thriving career as a mother and not to give up.