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Musician Erica Terry teaches artists how to make it big in any market

What’s your creative process when you’re coming up with a song?

Everybody has their own method to get to a song. What I like to do first is build the beat and really create something that I feel like I can connect with emotionally. So, I start out by building my beat and really finding a sound that I resonate with. And then a lot of times I play that beat consistently just to get a feel for how that makes me feel in that moment, and words come to me. So, a lot of the times it’s as simple as hearing the song, connecting with the song, and translating that connection into words.

What is your favorite style of songs?

In terms of what I favor, [it] is R&B. I have dabbled into some hip-hop but, honestly, I like fusion. I don’t even know if my genre can be specifically limited to R&B. It is a kind of R&B alternative because it’s not traditional. I like to tap into unique sounds and create different types of rhythms that you wouldn’t necessarily think could go in an R&B song.

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