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Gospel singer Evvie McKinney embraces advice from Diddy to stay grounded

Who are your inspirations when writing and performing? 

When I’m writing a song, my inspiration comes from my spiritual walk, past experiences and my family. When I’m performing, my intensity comes from my all-time favorite singers and performers, Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin.

While competing on “The Four,” you had the opportunity to learn not only from Trainor but also Khaled and Diddy. Can you share any advice you received from them?

I learned so much from the entire experience, but Diddy told me to “never get comfortable,” and that’s something that I’ve never forgotten. I think that applies to all of us, you can never get comfortable if you are aiming for perfection. It’s an ongoing process.

Check out the video for “Bring The Whole Hood” below.


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