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Family » Loving yourself shouldn’t be a hard job

Loving yourself shouldn’t be a hard job

(Photo credit: / Markus Spiske)

Do you feel like you’re bobbin’ and weavin’ through problems as if you’re in the ring with Mike Tyson? You get one problem solved to only be replaced by two more. Can a sista catch a break?

You start questioning your past, looking around the corner to see if karma has finally caught up with you and decided to have the last laugh? Y’all laughing, but I’m serious. I refuse to believe that I’m the only one with skeletons in my closet.

Trying to live your best life can be a daunting task with more failures than successes. Can the choir say, amen? We all are creatures of habit and tend to fall back on what we’re used to and, more importantly, staying within our comfort level. Having that come-to-Jesus moment isn’t fun, but not performing at your best is worse.

As we continue to experience COVID-19 and civil unrest, these are reminders that life is precious and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Don’t live with the assumption that you’ll live a long fruitful life, and that you’ll have time to mend fences and chances at do-overs. What’s important is making the best of the moment and choosing to be the master of your life. 

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