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Atlanta strippers tell voters: ‘Get your booty to the poll’ (video)

Atlanta strippers tell voters: 'Get your booty to the poll' (video)
Booty to the Poll PSA (Image source: YouTube/

Exotic dancers in Atlanta are motivating their clientele to take their eyes off the pole and get to the polls in November.

In a risque public service announcement that reminds the electorate of the critical nature of this particular general election on Nov. 4, 2020, several dancers in provocative string bikinis prance around on, well, a pole.

Then one of the dancers asks demurely, “Did we get your attention? Good.”

“You know it’s more than just the president on the ballot right?” another dancer remarks.

A third dancer then asks: “Ferguson just elected their first Black mayor. You know how that happened?” Just then an image of a voluptuous woman twerking in a thong with the word “vote” scrawled on either of her cheeks.

“Do you know who elects the D.A.?” asks a dancer named Coy. “We do!”

“Can’t make it rain if you’re locked up on some bulls—,” says dancer Imani.

The women highlight the fact that local officials, such as county representatives, sheriffs and school board members, have a dramatic impact on the daily life of a region through the vote.

“Don’t let other people decide who’s going to run your community,” Coy admonishes the electorate.

Towards the end, the women implore fans to log onto the Get Your Booty to the Poll website. Through the website, prospective voters can register to vote, find out about the local and regional candidates and related material.

The eye-popping video was directed by Angela Gomes and produced by Paul Fox, who elaborated about how the video came to fruition.

“The entire crew was made up of volunteers who were dedicated to the message and idea of increasing the voter turn-out amongst the Black male demographic. We hope that our passionate message becomes your reality when you take your booty to the poll and vote this election cycle.”

Flip the page to peep out the eye-popping PSA video:

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