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Stephanie Davis of Empower Media Group helps companies achieve their goals

How are you preparing companies to realize their goals and what’s different about your approach?
We start at what drives the business [and] brand. We help businesses [and] brands find their purpose; and bring clarity to the bigger why behind their business. This actually helps on the days when things seem very difficult. It also helps brands rally people for their cause because they see there’s a bigger purpose to their existence. We listen to our clients and we connect with their vision and help bring it to a 20/20 eyesight. Their vision becomes our vision. When we’re talking to clients, one of the first questions we ask [is] what is the impact they hope to have. If the impact is going to be positive and lasting, then we’re the partner they’re looking for. Everybody has a reason for doing something. The hard part is discovering it.

What do you see in the future as far as trends in marketing and PR?
Personalization will drive marketing forward. Especially now, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, people are tired of traditional sales tactics. They now seek brands that convey empathy and understanding. Businesses that transform their entire ecosystem into a seamless journey for audiences, adjusting content based on everything from location, to previous purchases, to interests, to the time of day.

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