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Detroit mayor believes city will be fully vaccinated in a few short months

(Photo: Shutterstock/By SamaraHeisz5)

The mayor of Detroit, Mich., has declared that a total of 5,000 residents per day will receive the mRNA vaccine once it is made available this month.

Mayor Mike Duggan (D) announced his preliminary plan for coronavirus vaccinations as pharmaceutical companies begin applying with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for COVID-19 vaccine authorization, according to Click on Detroit.

“The magnitude of what we’re talking about, this country has never experienced,” Duggan said. We’re looking now at the reality that when we were testing 1,200 people a day, it was a major undertaking. To get the vaccinations out, we’re going to have to vaccinate 5,000 Detroiters a day.”

According to Duggan’s estimate of approximately 5,000 Detroit residents being vaccinated per day, it would still take approximately four months for the city to be fully vaccinated.

“You think about the city of Detroit, with 700,000 people, if you were able to vaccinate 5,000 a day, it still will take three or four months.”

According to Detroit News, Duggan also revealed who he believes should be first in line to be vaccinated.

“We know the pharmacies are going to be helpful. The doctors and hospitals will be helpful. But the magnitude of what we’re talking about this country has never experienced,”  Duggan said, adding, “and basically, right now we’re day and night… getting ready for wholesale vaccinations.”