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Black Twitter erupts over lenient handling of White rioters on Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. (Image source: YouTube / @CNN)

The disturbing series of events that transpired on Capitol Hill amid the Congressional hearing to affirm President-elect Joe Biden’s election win has not been missed by Black Twitter.

On Wednesday, Jan. 6, many Americans watched in shock and dismay as 45’s supporters stormed the Capitol building to overturn an election the lame-duck president legitimately lost.

As a large number of White rioters plowed past law enforcement officers, others broke windows and scaled walls on their way into the House and Senate chambers. Rioters interrupted the historic Congressional hearing in the name of 45 and ultimately took over the Capitol building, commandeering the offices of lawmakers and even the Senate floor. At one point, there was even a standoff between law enforcement and armed supporters of 45.

But despite their actions and the threat they posed to law enforcement, Black Twitter highlighted what is arguably the most disturbing aspect of the entire siege: law enforcement made no attempt to forcefully remove them from the premises.

Frustrated Black Americans have inundated the social network with tweets, iconic photos and videos to highlight the stark difference in police treatment of Black people compared to Whites.

Others even shared visuals of the stark difference in law enforcement’s presence during the Black Lives Matter protests and the madness that unfolded today.

For many Black Americans, today’s events are another reminder of why so many people participated in the nationwide protests for an end to police brutality and racial inequality.