Kyle Hobson shares tips for creators looking to make smoke

Atlanta poet, scholar and musician attended the Making Smoke Company music panel
Kyle Hobson shares tips for creators looking to make smoke
Kyle Hobson

On July 14, rolling out hosted the Backwoods Making Smoke Company music panel. The event brought together local artists, producers, and music makers to network and gain skills in their respective fields. J. Sims, J.R. McKee, and Joshua “J1” Raiford spoke to the guests and gave tips and advice for working in the music industry.

Local creative Kyle Hobson attended the event and spoke with rolling out about what it takes to be a creator in the city.

What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “Making Smoke”?

Making smoke is just how you expand and spread out. You start from one little light and from there you blow up, so how far can that smoke reach?

What are some tips you would give to an artist looking to make a name for themselves?

Be genuine. There are a lot of disingenuous people out here. You got to remember a lot of these artists, producers, and managers, are just people. Be consistent, continue to push, and be patient. Don’t try and fall for the norms, don’t fall for the stuff that’s easily trending stuff, and make content that’s going to stay. Make content that’s going to be relevant 10 years from now. Don’t try to be the next person.

What makes your content stand out from everybody else?

There’s only one me. I’m not trying to be famous. I’m not trying to be in the limelight. But every time a camera’s on me, I’m going to make sure you remember that it was on me. I have fun. I do interviews, so I like to speak to people, and I do poetry. I always want people to hear my word. I’m a musician, so I love to make beautiful sounds that go through the air. You are only going to get one Kyle Hobson.

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