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Atlanta producer Popstar Benny helped pioneer a hip-hop subgenre

The DJ details his music roots

Popstar Benny is one of the more influential people in the Atlanta underground music scene. The DJ and producer has built a strong online following and has worked with a host of artists.

One of the pioneers of the Pluggnb subgenre in hip-hop, Benny recently spoke to rolling out about the sound and his career.

Rich Amiri performed tonight. He’s a Pluggnb artist from Boston, what is that like to know the subgenre has spread so far?

It’s crazy. I mean because Pluggnb that’s some s— like- you were talking about the Mobb County days. N—– like [producer] Sensei [ATL] in 2015, 2016, they were doing the Pluggnb sounds. This is like the type of beats me and my friends were making literally years ago being trickled down, around the world type s—. So it was beautiful to see, for real.

There have been some artists who have copied the Popstar sound. What is your reaction when you see that?

I mean, I’m appreciative of it. That’s my thing is, like, if people are copying us doing cool s—, then like it’s going to increase the overall quality of music, honestly. So that’s how I feel.

How is the latest release going? You have billboards around the city promoting it, what has the reception been like?

I’m appreciative. It’s been my biggest project yet, man. I’m thankful for everyone who has been a part of it. I’m thankful people f—– with it. I’m just appreciative I got to put it out, and people really give a f— about it. It’s really cool.

What’s next?

Popstar global. We’re just trying to take it further and further, man.

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