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Skylar Blatt blew up; then Chris Brown gave her the opportunity of a lifetime

The Ohio rapper talks about her career

If this is the peak of Skylar Blatt‘s career, she already received what felt like a Grammy.

The Ohio rapper landed a feature with Chris Brown on “Wake Up.” Brown reportedly suggested she shoot the video at his house so she wouldn’t have to come out of pocket with production expenses.

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On June 14, Blatt discussed the opportunity and her career in an interview with rolling out.

What is it like having a mainstream hit single now?

It’s amazing. This is what I’ve been working toward and working for. So, to see it paying off, it’s just making me a whole lot hungrier. When you’re an artist, you’re like, “I’m that girl. I’m the one.” You’ve already known, but the world didn’t. Now that the world does, it’s like, “OK. Let’s get it.” And this is just the beginning.

YouTube video

What do you remember from the first day of your “From The Block” performance going viral?

I ain’t going to lie, it was crazy. That record, I kid you not, me and my engineer, we all went back-and-forth about my next release. I wasn’t like, “Put ‘Fame’ out.” That wasn’t the record I wanted out at the time. It was crazy; my engineer was like, “Nah, put that out.”

I was in my melodic bag at that time, so I didn’t want “Fame” out. He was like, “I’m telling you, put this out.” I listened to one of my friends. … I was like, “OK. Do you think we should put this out?” It was me, him and some of the other players from my team. It was just like, “OK. We’re going to put this out there, and see what y’all think. Give this a shot. Y’all might be right.”

To see it go crazy was crazy because that was not one of my favorite records. It’s like that, though. So it was cool.

Chris Brown posted “Fame” on his story. What was that like?

That was next level; I ain’t going to lie. That was a different type of feeling. Just to even be reposted, it was like, “Dang. For real?”

I knew all the work I had been putting in was starting to pay off. I felt it. Sometimes, you won’t feel it when you’re working so hard and stuff isn’t going your way, or it’s not going how you thought it would go. It’s like, “Alright, man. I’m starting to get a little frustrated.” But when that happened, it was just like, “OK. Let me calm down a little bit. You’re doing what you’re supposed to do. Just continue to do what you’re doing.”

What was it like working with Chris Brown?

Chris stood on everything he ever told me — from beginning to end, everything he ever said.You know how you have your favorite people in the world? This is my favorite person. I hope this person grows all the way to 100-something years old. He’s one of those people for me.

I just was in an interview, and I was telling them, “That’s a Grammy. I got a Grammy.” That feature right there is a Grammy to me. I’m being serious.

It was amazing. I’m still going through the feelings of it. It’s still fresh. It still feels like it just happened. I really don’t have the full [perspective on it yet]. Maybe, in a few years, it’ll be like, “Wow, that dude right there,” but right now, I’m still living in that moment. So, it’s emotional.

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