Sabrina Peterson will lead rally for woman attacked at Opera nightclub

On Jan. 25, Sabrina Peterson will lead another rally to bring justice for the woman who was attacked at an Atlanta nightclub. The rally will take place at Opera Nightclub and begin at 4:30 p.m. Peterson, who has led two rallies this week, hopes to shed more light on the ordeal so that justice is […]

3 simple tips to promote your small business on Facebook Live

On the heels of completing the city of Atlanta’s Inaugural Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI), Adrienne J Media (AJM) has proven to be a leading female-owned business after revealing a revenue increase of 18.21 percent, making AJM one of the top performing businesses to have participated in the city-funded initiative. “Being a part of WEI has […]

Toledo pastor’s bloody death recorded on Facebook Live

Bishop Kenneth H Hopkins was a beloved pastor of two churches in Toledo, Ohio. Hopkins created two community activist groups called ” Beyond the Walls Outreach” and the “Stop the Violence Squad” that ministered and counseled at-risk youth against gun violence. According to the family members, Hopkins was distraught over the recent death of a […]

14-year-old Chicago teen arrested for alleged gang rape on Facebook Live

Another alleged crime was broadcast on Facebook Live. The incident took place in March after a 15-year-old girl was reported missing from the Lawndale community, according to Chicago police. The 15-year-old girl went to the store and returned home the following day. While she was missing, she was allegedly gang-raped by five or six people. […]

Mom thought daughter’s Facebook suicide was fake, posts cruel comment

The too brief life of Nakia Venant, 14, was an unfolding tragedy of parental abuse, family instability, and emotional torture. In January 2017, Nakia decided to end her adolescent foster care hell by taking her life in Miami Gardens, Florida. She hung herself in the bathroom while her latest foster parents were asleep and she […]

Chicago teen beaten in jail after allegedly killing 11-year-old girl

Days after being arrested for the killing of an 11-year-old girl, Antwan Jones was beaten by another inmate. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, surveillance video captured the scuffle. Jones, 19, was awaiting a bond hearing and asleep in a chair when he was approached by another prisoner, Renard Williams. Williams punched Jones in the face […]

Distraught pastor films suicide attempt

[jwplatform fWahE3bj] Jedidiah Brown, a Chicago pastor and activist, filmed his suicide attempt on Facebook Live. He was distraught about a young man’s suicide and how his work in the community is viewed.

Actor who killed himself on Facebook Live was once a middle school teacher

Fredrick Jay Bowdy appeared to exemplify the meaning of success. By the time he was 33, Bowdy had achieved goals such as becoming a college graduate, pro basketball player, teacher, actor, and a father and husband. After finding success as a high school basketball star in Fort Worth, Texas, Bowdy went on to play college basketball at […]

Actor commits suicide on Facebook Live

Another person has committed suicide while streaming on Facebook Live. The latest incident occurred on Jan. 24 in Los Angeles. Shortly after 5.30 a.m., actor Frederick Jay Bowdy, 33, began filming himself while sitting in a car. According to witnesses who spoke with Los Angeles Times, Bowdy began speaking about the issues in his life […]

Pittsburgh Steelers star Antonio Brown fined for Facebook Live video

Five-time Pro Bowl player and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, 28, streamed a Facebook Live postgame locker room video last week after they beat the Kansas City Chiefs on Jan. 16. The 17-minute clip netted him a $10,000 fine by coach Mike Tomlin. The video had more than one million views before removed from Brown’s […]

Chicago teens stream kidnapping and torture on Facebook Live

Four people are now in custody for an alleged kidnapping that was broadcast on Facebook Live. The brazen act took place on Tuesday, Jan. 3 in the 3400 block of West Lexington on the West Side of Chicago. The victim of the assault was tied up, beaten, his clothes were cut, and his hair was […]

Teenagers face jail for live streaming sex act on Facebook

Three teenagers in Milwaukee could face jail after it was discovered that they live streamed a sex act on Facebook. According to WDJT, the incident occurred with two female (14 and 15) students who attended the Barack Obama School and a teen male, 15, who attended another school. In January, the two teenage girls skipped […]