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Malia Obama has taken on a stage name for her career

Malia Obama is now using a stage name

Malia Obama is striking out on her own, in more ways than one, by adopting a stage name as she embarks on her burgeoning filmmaking

What Ye West is demanding from Netflix

Ye West is accustomed to getting what he wants. This time, West has demanded final approval of his upcoming Netflix documentary. The 44-year-old rap star

Why Jada Pinkett Smith almost quit acting

Jada Pinkett Smith spoke about why she almost quit acting. The 47-year-old actress admits that while she was always sure that she wanted to pursue a Hollywood

‘STEP’s’ Paula Dofat reveals why she finished college in her 40s

Resident guidance counselor Paula Dofat guides courageous STEP stars Blessin Giraldo, Cori Grainger and Tayla Solomon closer to their collegiate dreams in the riveting documentary STEP. A first-generation college graduate herself, Dofat knows all too well the pressure to break barriers when the odds are stacked against you.

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