Find out what Will Smith did to get away from the Oscars fallout

Will Smith has had an eventful life over the past few weeks, and it seems like he just wanted to get away from all the distractions. On April 23, Smith was seen taking pictures and smiling while at a private airfield in Mumbai, India. According to sources from People on April 25, Smith traveled to […]

Why it’s a good idea for men to get up and exercise

Imagine sitting at a work desk for eight hours, and once you get up, your entire body is stiff. Or think about being in bed all day, and once you get up, your body doesn’t feel right. Getting up and moving is important for your physical and mental health. Exercising doesn’t always need to be […]

McDonald’s franchisee Andre Hill finds purpose in serving community

Rolling out recently sat down with second-generation McDonald’s owner-operator and techpreneur Andre Hill at its inaugural Peace and Purpose 2020 conference, which took place virtually Dec. 4-6, 2020.  Hill participated in a panel discussion about the role of mentorship in the development of communities and shared a few words about what peace and purpose mean […]

Yoganic Flow founder Kerrie Trahan shares how yoga can combat anxiety

Kerrie Trahan is a yoga enthusiast and the owner of Yoganic Flow, a community yoga studio. For Trahan, yoga was something she did every now and then until she moved to Yeosu, South Korea. While there, the practice helped the 35-year-old with depression and anxiety after the sudden loss of her father in 2006. Six […]

Chicago rapper Tink explains how she keeps her peace in the industry

Check’N iN introduces Tink to her first yoga instructor, Chicago’s own Rashidat, who showed the rapper how to level out and keep her peace in the entertainment industry. Watch as she learns some new techniques coupled with an insightful interview where she shares about relationships, new music, and her future plans.

10 free yoga classes in Atlanta

Grab your yoga mats at water bottles its time for free yoga. Yoga is an ancient practice that requires strength, focus, and determination.  Atlanta has rapidly growing yoga community of novice and long-time yogis who are regularly searching for new places to practice. The most recent trend in Atlanta, with its wide collection of parks […]

The functional, fashionable and black-owned activewear brand you should try

Whether you are a die-hard Zumba fan, love kickboxing or can’t get enough of your cycling class, staying active is the key to a healthy lifestyle. If you’re headed to class in your age-old over-sized t-shirt and black leggings, then its time for a change. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your […]

Yogi practitioners find peace through cultivation in Yoga Gardens

“Namaste” is a term commonly heard and used among yoga practitioners. Interpreted as “I bow to you,” it is meant to acknowledge the divine spark in everyone. Yoga Gardens is a small sanctuary nestled in North Lawndale, on the West Side of Chicago, with a growing following. It is where Indigo Monae is exposing yogi practitioners, […]

Rashidat Owe shares how life challenges and yoga helped save her life

Rashidat Owe has overcome obstacles that have created a path to her life’s mission. She is an international yoga and meditation teacher, artistic holistic lifestyle influencer, public speaker and personal trainer. Recently we spoke with Owe and she shared how she overcame drug abuse and living an unhealthy lifestyle. Talk a little about your weight […]

Russell Simmons leaves US for Bali yoga retreat amid 12 sex assault probes

Russell Simmons

Music mogul and living legend Russell Simmons is under intense scrutiny and investigation by the New York Police Department for alleged sexual misconduct and rape charges. After a brief period of clapping back against his accusers, denying the charges of rape and sexual deviancy, Simmons stepped down from his businesses and charities in December. Now […]

Join the fun with this new hip-hop, pop-up yoga class

Photo Credit: Jazzmin Jeter

Photo Credit: Simone Renee Photography Yoga instructor Jaimee Ratliff is putting a new and improved spin on modern yoga. After noticing students of color were absent in the yoga classes she attended, Ratliff decided to steer her own yoga practice in a new direction. She chose to use hip-hop music to include people of color, so […]

‘Yoga Green Book’ is the new online guide to wellness and self-healing

Yoga Greenbook

Photo courtesy of Carla Christine The new year is finally here, and by now, we’re sure you’ve heard the saying, “out with the old and in with the new” over a thousand times. Well, the Yoga Green Book is giving everyone a good reason to ditch the old 2017 style of exercise and join the […]

Trap yoga proves to be an empowering and entertaining practice for all

Who’s down for some trap yoga? You read that right: trap yoga. What is it you say? Well, some say that trap music and yoga could be polar opposites. Some may even say that they go together like fried chicken goes with waffles: two unconventional pairs but when put together the right way it’s a […]

Russell Simmons turns 60, defies age

Entertainment mogul Russell Simmons, co-founder of Def Jam Recordings, has been on to something with his meditation practice. On October 4, 2017, he turned 60 years old. To celebrate his birthday, he invited his 1.7M IG followers to join him at his yoga studio, center for yogic science and school of meditation, Tantris, located on […]

Yogi Changa Bell on benefits of yoga; talks God and Black Male Yoga Initiative

Changa Bell has dedicated his life to educating, engaging and encouraging people to connect with their purpose and increase attention to self-care via holistic health practices. The road to this awareness was prompted by a life-saving diagnosis. During his film career, Bell began to feel an inner yearning to leave everything behind and retreat. He […]

Lisa Brown’s yoga mats reflect yoga’s African heritage

Lisa Brown

As a longtime yoga practitioner, Lisa Brown had purchased yoga mats for many years but not one of them had ever reflected the actual African heritage of the practice of yoga. Eventually, the irony of this occurred to her but so did the opportunity of it and almost immediately she began working to fill that […]

Quentin Vennie chronicles his mental illness in ‘Strong in the Broken Places’

After many years of fighting mental illness, motivational speaker and author Quentin Vennie can freely speak about his liberation. At the age of 14, Vennie was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. Now 33, Vennie was able to beat his mental disorder, drug addiction and alcoholism. In his memoir, Strong in the Broken Places,  Vennie talks […]

Holiday gift ideas: Unwrap the magic of yoga

Relax, relate, present… your friends, family and loved ones with the gift of relaxation. Yoga Design Lab recently launched it’s newest collection of eye-popping yoga mats and luxury yoga accessories (including insulated stainless steel water bottles and yoga mats comprised of biodegradable natural tree rubber in water based inks used in the printed designs) just […]

Fit Fridays with Shawn C. Parker: 5 tips for yoga beginners

You’ve been contemplating and putting it off for years. You were worried about being flexible enough or whether it would interfere with your beliefs. You weren’t sure if it would actually help your particular issue but everyone, even your doctor, is recommending you try it. You did your research, you’ve thought long and hard about […]