Does Evelyn Lozada blame herself for Chad Johnson’s abuse?


Evelyn Lozada & Chad Johnson - Divorce Cover

Evelyn Lozada’s name became forever entwined with the idea of domestic violence when she was attacked by her ex-husband, Chad Johnson, back in 2012. Recently, Lozada’s abusive past became a hot topic again after she sympathized with disgraced NFL star Ray Rice’s wife, Janay Palmer, after a video of Rice attacking his wife was released. Now, Lozada is back in the spotlight again after she recently claimed that she feels responsible for Johnson’s abuse.

Recently, one of Lozada’s Twitter fans compared the reality TV star to Palmer and praised her for leaving Johnson. However, Lozada told the fan that she believes she invited Johnson’s violent energy and rage into her life because of her own violent streak, which was on full display on “Basketball Wives.”

Evelyn Lozada - Abuse Karma Tweet 1

Lozada definitely had anger management issues of her own, as fans saw throughout the seasons of the show and her numerous fights with the likes of Tami Roman and Jennifer Williams. However, as the fan reminded Lozada, Johnson’s abuse wasn’t her fault.

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We’re glad that Lozada learned some valuable lessons about self-love and self-respect from her abusive marriage, and we hope that both Rice and Palmer take away some powerful lessons about the same ideals when all is said and done in their abuse scandal. – nicholas robinson


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