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Milan Christopher shows shocking photo from alleged Miles Brock fight

Photo Credit: Milan Christopher's Instagram (@milanchristopher)

Photo credit: Instagram – @milanchristopher

Like most artists, Milan Christopher uses the drama of his personal life play as inspiration for his music. He and fellow “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star Miles Brock definitely had one of the most drama-filled relationships on the show last season. However, the drama went beyond typical he say, she say and cheating scandals and culminated in one shockingly violent night. Now, Milan has opened up about the night with an eye-popping new photo.

Milan recently released a video for his single “When I Go” and in the clip he plays a man who is not only harassed on the street for being gay, but he’s also beaten by his boyfriend after the harassment incident.

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Photo credit: YouTube screenshot

The video culminates in Milan’s character swallowing a bunch of pills and then jumping into a pool to commit suicide.

For most fans, the clip came as a sobering and shocking look into Milan’s mind. But the reality TV star gave fans even more to talk about last night when he opened up about his real-life experience of domestic violence.

As previously reported, Milan had Miles arrested last year after he accused Miles and his friends of attacking him during a Halloween party in NYC.

Although it’s been months since he’s spoken about the alleged attack, Milan opened up about it last night and explained how the incident gave him inspiration for his latest video. He also shared a shocking photo of a scar on his forehead, which he claims he got as a result of Miles hitting him.

Photo Credit: Instagram - @milanchristopher

Photo credit: Instagram – @milanchristopher

“Here’s some never before seen pics from when I was attacked by my ex. I still remember it like it was yesterday. The attack … The attack by the person I called my lover, my friend. The bombardment of my personal space by not just him but his friends. The disrespect.. The humility. The hurt. I remember it all. I remember picking up the phone and the 1st persons I called was @monascottyoung & @stefateaser … I was so scared that I would get fired from the show I was on, that I kept that I was actually punched from them. I remember standing in the mirror and asking myself … Why would someone I loved so much do this to me. I remember being so confused not knowing if I was still in love or not or thinking was things going to get better between me and him, so I never once went to court. I remember the pain & the hurt but most of all I remember feeling helpless! I wish my music video was art imitating life, but it is actually my life manifesting through my art. I wish I could muster up the time to make an amateur dis track, or tell lies to the masses. I’m not that person all I can do is be me, like me, love me or hate me.. That’s all I can do. I will continue to create music and videos that relate to my life which hopefully influences others like me or people who have gone through or going through the things I have. I love you guys & wish you all the best #milanchristopher #BeYourAuthenticself #Amberrose #Zendaya #Chrisbrown #Rihanna #TheGame #SkaiJackson #NEWMUSICVIDEO #Madonna #BBMAs #Prince #BetAwards #Vh1 #LoveAndHipHop #Mtv #LoveAndHipHop #Beyonce #JustinBieber #Adele #Taylorswift,” Milan captioned the post.

Miles has yet to comment on the post but we wouldn’t be surprised if he says something about it in the near future. For now, we can say that Milan is definitely going to get a lot of attention for this post and his new video.


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  2. Chuck on May 24, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    These sissies need to just get a woman and call it a day. Why beef with another guy and go to hell?

    • cee jay on May 25, 2016 at 1:19 pm

      If they could get a woman and wanted a woman , they wouldn’t be considered “sissies”

  3. Kim on May 24, 2016 at 1:57 pm

    Miles publicist says he hit Milan,not Miles.

  4. Likewaterforchoc on May 24, 2016 at 5:11 pm

    Is he serious with this mess?

  5. Hot Boy on May 24, 2016 at 8:37 pm

    Milan has been clinically diagnosed as bi polar. This explains this weird video. He makes a claim of domestic violence but the incident he’s explaining as violence was a street fight with Miles friends. Miles should sue for defamation of character. He is chain posting this video to his million followers but no one is buying this story or his music.