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Terry Austin offers exemplary image of fatherhood

Terry Austin offers exemplary image of fatherhood
Father-Daughter dance, Positive Images (Photos provided by Terry Austin)

Terry Austin eats sleeps and breathes fatherhood. He believes fathers should offer positive images for their children. He exemplifies fatherhood by being present in his two daughter’s lives. Austin’s efforts transcend the boundaries of home, he also works with like-minded men through the Positive Images organization. Austin believes that men should have a strong relationship with their children. The relationship is key to their lifelong development.  

Positive Image’s core values are — “Helping others and changing lives,” with a mission to foster youth empowerment and leadership. Austin, along with other men of color, works with community organizations by providing best practices to alleviate disparities in low-income minority groups. 

What has fatherhood given you?

It’s given me a sense of purpose in life, being responsible for two beautiful daughters. And a commitment to learning to be a better father on a daily bases.

How do you communicate your emotions with your children?

I try very hard to show emotions of passion with my work, and instill a passionate work ethic, never being afraid to show emotions and tell them I love you.

What have been the most important moments that have helped you to grow as a father?

Seeing my daughters grow in school, watching them participate in sports, and seeing their talents in singing and writing.

Finish these sentences:

Being a father has allowed me to … Become a better man, a community leader, and advocate for fathers’ rights.

You give your children the best of what you have and what you did not get because … I firmly believe every parent should place their children in a better environment, socially, financially, educationally then they were in. Teach financial responsibility and community involvement.

I work to communicate with my children as a father because … Good communication leads to a very happy life, at home and work balance. People skills is an art, that must be taught and learned. Kids must learn that love is an action word, and must be communicated correctly to build a stable family life and community.

The best three moments I remember about special things my child has done or said …

– The first time they said, “daddy.”

– Our first hug and kiss, also [when they said] “I love you, dad.”

– The girls learning how to swim.

I am present in my child’s life because … I love them, I want to see them learn life lessons and grow mentally and spiritually. I want them to make wise chooses, and make good financial decisions.

Being a father-coach and guiding my children means … I have done a great job, helping them navigate life and make wise decisions, to stay away from drugs, chose education, surround yourself with the best of people and develop a Never give up mindset. Success is destined to happen.

The most important thing that I learned about being a father is … Your children will always be connected to you no matter what. Being a father, a single father of girls, you must be patient, loving, passionate, and make a lot of money. Our children must see our actions and see us show love to them and our community.

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