Insurance titan Joe Moore says protecting his family is his top priority

Insurance titan Joe Moore says protecting his family is his top priority
Photo courtesy of Joe Moore

Joe Moore is the president and CEO of JLM Risk Management. He’s an insurance professional with more than 30 years of insurance and risk management experience and has a proven track record and an established reputation in commercial insurance, risk management, and surety bonding.

Moore is insightful and innovative, with a keen eye for focusing on and addressing risk management objectives. He’s a leader in the development of risk strategies and the design of complex insurance programs. Moore founded his company in 1996 to provide insurance coverage for vendors of the Summer Olympic Games. Under his direction, JLM Risk Management has emerged as a full-service insurance and corporate finance organization.

Moore has spent a good portion of his life providing protection for many businesses, however, one of his most satisfying roles is that of providing protection for his family.

He is a graduate of Morehouse College and a father of two children with a loving, supportive wife who has taken his position of guiding and protecting seriously. Rolling out was able to talk to Moore about his most important responsibility: being a father.

What legacy are you leaving for your children and the children of your community?  

The understanding and liberating attitude that all things are possible with the help of God.

From a father’s perspective, what two books would you recommend every child read?

The Bible and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

As a father and a life coach, describe your playbook.

It’s all possible!  Never forget who you are.

Name one life lesson that no one taught you, but should have. 

You never fail; you just try and learn.

When it comes to protecting yourself at all times, physically and mentally, what would you tell your children?

There is no one smarter or more prepared.  Proactive people are the happiest people.

Share one of your fondest memories you’ve experienced with your father, grandfather or father figure. 

The conversations that we had driving to and from baseball practice and games when he was my coach.

Share your most valued and treasured fatherhood goal.

To create children who are citizens of the world and make a positive contribution to it!

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