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Eva Evans balances stand-up comedy with starring in BET’s ‘Hustle In Brooklyn’

Eva Evans

Photo courtesy of Eva Evans

Though comedian Eva Evans spends most of her time on stage in front of crowds, she never thought that her life would be documented for millions to view. A cast member on BET’s new reality series “Hustle In Brooklyn,” she is quickly learning what it means to live in a fishbowl.

Evans discusses her experience with being on the show and how she got into stand-up comedy.

How did you end up joining the “Hustle in Brooklyn” cast?

The production company found me via Instagram. The casting directors found me through one of the [twin brothers who go by the name] Blkidtwins, TP, who recommended my Instagram to them. They saw me, liked me, and asked me to do a Skype interview because they were in Los Angeles. At first, I didn’t hear anything from them for about two months. I had four shows in Los Angeles and had completely forgotten about the show. They ended up calling me while I was in Los Angeles and asked me to be on the show.

Which of your cast members have you gravitated to since meeting them?

Me and Ivy [Rivera] hit it off immediately. I thought she was a cool girl and pretty. We built a genuine friendship to the point that her parents came to support [me] at my last show. It’s such a beautiful thing because I’m 27, and the older I get, the harder [it is to make] genuine friends.

How did you get into comedy?

I was working at Showtime Network, and after a while I became unhappy. … I’m a free spirit, and I felt like I was in a cage where someone [was] telling me where to sit and what to do. I also went through a really bad breakup where I ended an engagement. It was my first time being in love and I was 24. I was just really depressed. I started writing jokes. The first joke I ever wrote was about how my ex-fiancé’s mom was such a terrible cook. I would just write jokes in my cubicle and write jokes in meetings. One day I decided to try an open mic to see how it feels to be on stage. I went to Broadway Comedy Club, paid five dollars for my five minutes, and the rest [is] history.

What are your future plans for your career?

Immediately, I plan to do season two of “Hustle In Brooklyn.” I plan on trying to get on “Wild ‘N Out.” I’ve already started traveling and doing shows around the country. I want to do more states that I haven’t been to. I want to have my own television series based on my childhood like Chris Rock‘s “Everybody Hates Chris.” I’ve been producing my own comedy show with best friend Rebecca Lewis called “No F— Boys Allowed.” We’ve been producing it for two years. It’s at the Brooklyn House of Comedy in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. It’s a Black-owned comedy club.