Gospel artist Todd Dulaney on why it’s important to do more than sing

Todd Dulaney released "To Africa With Love" On March 15 (Photo courtesy of CR8Agency)
Gospel artist Todd Dulaney. (Photo courtesy of CR8Agency)

Gospel artist Todd Dulaney is a former minor league baseball player who left the sports world to pursue his singing career, with two hit albums that topped the gospel charts. The husband and father of four hosted a listening and viewing event for his new live visual album, To Africa With Love, on Thursday, March 14, 2019, in New York City. Rolling out spoke exclusively with Dulaney about the new project, which was released March 15, 2019, his new single “You’re Doing It All Again,” and why it is important for him to do more than just sing.

“The project was recorded live in Cape Town, South Africa,” Dulaney said. “I took my entire team over there, band, lighting, sound, screens, everything, and we went over there and got a chance to record with a packed house, people that looked so beautiful, looked like us, you got all types of skin tones and colors over in South Africa so it was just a beautiful, beautiful, monumental moment for me and my career just to be able to say we recorded in South Africa.”

Dulaney discussed the inspiration behind his new single.

“ ‘You’re Doing It All Again” is a song that reminds the church and the body that the things that we read about God, they’re not just in the book, he’s actually still doing it,” Delaney expressed. “It’s a high-energy, fun song that allows the church to dance a little bit.”

There was a powerful testimony in the video from an audience member. “It’s important to me to do more than just sing,” Dulaney said. “This whole thing that we’re doing right now, recording in Africa, It’s a movement. It’s more than just singing music. We want people to really believe again so our songs, they’re doing more than just exciting the crowds and making people dance. We want to make sure that we are leaving people with an experience, a full experience so they can go back home and think and say, “man, am I really believing God or am I singing the songs or bopping my head?’ So that was really important that we put that testimony in there so we can really spark faith.”

Dulaney, who played professional baseball in the New York Mets minor league system, is partnering with Christian athletes to make a bigger impact. “That’s the world I come from,” Dulaney says. “I’ve always wanted to go back and really have an impact on that world. If I can have a say in those two arenas of life, entertainment and sports, I know that I can win some people to the Christian faith because those two arenas in the world really control a lot of the world, entertainment and sports.”

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