‘Good Times’ star Jimmie Walker to NBA greats: stop being ‘political,’ ‘angry’

'Good Times' star Jimmie Walker to NBA greats: stop being 'political,' 'angry'
LeBron James (Photo credit: Splash News)

Actor and comedian Jimmie Walker of “Good Times” fame is basically telling Black NBA stars the same thing fellow conservative Laura Ingraham ordered them to do: “Shut up and dribble.”

Walker, 72, is giving NBA superstars LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and others, some hard advice on how they should comport themselves publicly.

“I think that when you’re making $150 million a year, people don’t want to hear your political views,” he told TMZ Sports while waltzing through an unnamed airport.

“They should have no political views. They should be very happy to say, ‘I’m doing good.’ Donate to charity, do your basketball charity benefits or whatever, but don’t put people down.”

Walker, who says this while publicly supporting Donald Trump, wants NBA players to keep their mouths closed or show more gratitude: “Just say, ‘I’m very fortunate to be here. I’m lucky and I’m very happy.'”

Walker expressed his disgust with NBA players who are insanely rich, yet take frequent stances on current events. For example, LeBron, as he is universally known, has famously spoken up about sociopolitical issues throughout the years. While playing for the Miami Heat, LeBron and his teammates donned hoodies in honor of Trayvon Martin, the teenager who was murdered by George Zimmerman. A few years later while he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron wore a T-shirt with the words “I Can’t Breathe” after Eric Garner died subsequent to being placed in a police chokehold in the Staten Island borough of New York City.

Walker doesn’t understand why NBA stars speak out so much. And he harbors the same ill feelings about former NFL star Colin Kaepernick.

“The thing that upsets me the most about NBA players is they’re so upset. They’re so angry,” he tells TMZ Sports. “Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant … what are you upset about? I’m happy if I’m making that kind of money! They’re always complaining.”

Walker insinuates that NBA stars’ exorbitant salaries should insulate them sufficiently against the harsh realities faced by ordinary working families.

“They don’t understand what it’s like to be in real life. Real life is getting your own bags off the [luggage carousel],” he continued with TMZ Sports. “No charters, no limos waiting for you … that’s what real life is about.”

Therefore, as Walker put it, they should “just be happy.”

Check out what Walker has to say in full about NBA stars, Kaepernick and ordinary people in the video below:

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