Meet NUNNABOVE, a tight-knit group of siblings who love creating music together

Meet NUNNABOVE, a tight-knit group of siblings who love creating music together
Photo courtesy of DeSean Mills

Cadence, Bennett, Mattie and Wisdom are a group of siblings that make up the Minneapolis music group, NUNNABOVE. They have a show at the Dakota on Feb. 17.

What inspired you all to get into music?

Bennett: What inspired us would be just creating music. We’ve always created music from when we were little from just tapping a table or playing some piano chords together. We were always making something. So when we formed a band and started making music together, that’s what really stuck with us.

Cadence: We started individual lessons from a very young age. I was taking voice lessons at four and Mattie was taking piano lessons at three. Wisdom was taking drum lessons at seven, and Bennett was taking guitar lessons at nine.

What’s the story behind the name NUNNABOVE?

Mattie: Well, it’s kind of funny because we went through a bunch of very different bad names. We chose NUNNABOVE because we thought it was a good way to say that there’s nothing above our hard work, and there’s nothing above our faith in God.

What was the story behind your song “Connection?”

Wisdom: It was about a year ago, we were preparing for a show, and we wanted to find a theme to base the whole show around. Cadence was like it should be connections. At the time, we hadn’t made the song, and in my head, I was just on the floor thinking of the melody. So I told the group about it, and they’re like, that’d be interesting. So we went from Cadence’s room out to our band practice room and just started playing the song and it kind of went from there. We had a few sessions where Cadence would make the chorus, the verses, and bridge, and it came together, and we put it in that show.

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