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What makes Black-owned Ayaba Wine fit for a queen

How business model set wine apart

Ayaba Wine is different, and for good reason, too. The spirits’ official website reads the alcohol, based out of Oakland, California, is “fit for a Queen.” The idea for the Black-owned product was conceived at a 2015 Thanksgiving dinner.

At The Gathering Spot L.A. on June 22, founder and CEO Jerry Bailey explained to rolling out the backstory of the brand and where it is today.

What sets your wine apart from others on the market?

Our wine is called “Ayaba” which means queen in the Yoruba language. Each one of our wines celebrates a queen from the past. Today, we have our first wine feature — Queen Nefertiti. It is a white peach sangria. It’s not too sweet like you normally get sometimes with sangria, but it has all the fruit of peach and tropical fruit [flavors] and it also has a complexity of a white wine blend.

What advice do you have for wine enthusiasts? 

Oh, wow, it’s a bunch of stuff. I would say taste a whole bunch. Taste as much as you can, figure out what you actually like. There is no right or wrong when it comes to wine. Just like there’s no right and wrong when it comes to food. You have to find out what you like best.

How can people connect with Abaya on social media?

We’re on Instagram at @AyabaWines, please connect with us there. Our website is also

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