Exploring the Oregon Trail in the 2018 Buick Regal Tour X

Cruising down Headland and Delowe (“Elevators (Me & You),” OutKast) is where I learned how to navigate the road at the tender age of 15 in Atlanta. My early opportunities to drive were limited. Perhaps it’s the fact that I am the baby of the family, falling last in order to drive (or my brother’s […]

Barefoot luxury for Father’s Day at the Abaco Club on Winding Bay

Barefoot luxury is the mantra of the Abaco Club on Winding Bay. This philosophy is precisely why this resort should be your next destination. Who wants another boring gift for Father’s Day? Trust me, dad won’t complain but may give you the side eye. Give the memorable gift of travel to an amazing destination. No […]

Meet South Africa’s masterchef Abigail Mbalo

Self-determination, self-motivation, self-empowerment & self-belief are the attributes that Abigail Mbalo rely on daily to inspire her journey as the chef and creative director of 4Roomed eKasi Culture. On a recent exploration of South Africa for Madiba’s Journey, I had the brilliant opportunity to dine in this unique Ubuntu experience.  Should you find yourself in […]

Tiffini Gatlin is on fire and will have you latched and hooked

Tiffini Gatlin has gone through hell and hot water to birth a phenomenal family of hair products that will change the lives of women of color, mothers, and busy business professionals as she works to help them keep their hair follicles. I know everyone has circulated the pictures of the legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell’s hair […]

How plus size blogger Maui Bigelow is empowering women

Maui Bigelow is PHAT Girl Fresh. With over 180K social media followers and counting, PHAT Girl Fresh delivers hot, truthful and thought-provoking content to empower curvy, voluptuous women. Maui’s brutally honest approach is not sugarcoated; however, her message will make you fall in love and engage you in anticipation for her next post. PHAT is […]

7 reasons to cruise the Carnival Magic

Who wants the Magic? Of course, you do and Carnival Cruise Lines has the perfect formula for relaxation and rejuvenation. Point your navigation to Orlando, Florida, and hit the road or hop a flight. Port Canaveral is an easy embarkation and a quick shuttle from the MCO Airport. This boarding process is a breeze and […]

Erika Utley pens self-help guide to get people unstuck

Self-help is much clearer with Erika Utley’s delivery of her book Deal with Your Sh!t. Real and raw is just what you need to focus your path and to get your life on track. Are you eager to be a better you? Then join the movement in Deal with Your SH!T. This prescription will provide healing […]

Pittsburgh’s heart of steel

Pittsburgh is oozing with food, style, steel, sophistication and tons of technology. Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh make this community a haven for research and development. Additionally, technology firms are sprouting up daily. There is an ingrained, humbled, and rhythmic work ethic that vibrates throughout the city. The Steel City gritty spirit is bridging […]

Lanita Smith gives listeners a love letter

Lanita Smith is unapologetically rooted in authenticity. This Southern songbird is delivering an acoustic freshness that the world will soon adore. Smith is no stranger to music, in fact, she is a product of a musically inclined family. Looks like banging on the piano since the age of 4 and the loss of a mother […]

Ann Arbor, Michigan: The little-big city of the Midwest

Recently I discovered a gem in the Great Lakes region of the Midwest, Ann Arbor, Michigan. You can stay, dine, drink, club, see theater, tour museums, attend a college football game and find culture around every corner of this warm and welcoming city. At a fraction of the cost, easy access, and much less crowded […]

Where to eat, stay and play during Mile of Music Festival

EAT Home Burger Bar Yum yum. That’s all and you are done.  Do you want a hamburger? Well, one of the main reasons you should visit Fox Cities is great tasting food. I am not kidding and this is definitely no public service announcement. Owner. Mandy Ferg is full of energy and is a genuine […]

‘Rolling out’ salutes Nebraska on 150th anniversary

We are singing happy birthday to the state of Nebraska on its 150th anniversary. Born March 1, 1867, Nebraska is gearing up for an amazing celebration. Jump in the car and explore all of the magic of the Oregon trail. You have always wanted a road trip, well here is your chance to cross wide open plains. Unique […]

3 reasons to eat, stay and play in Lubbock, Texas

Photo Credit: Terry A. Sprunger

Hello, Solange Knowles! I am a sucker for all things design. I guess you know that by now. But, my recent visit to Lubbock, Texas, allowed me to take center stage like the fabulous Solange Knowles at  Robert Bruno’s legendary steel house. Some would say I was in the middle of nowhere but I respectfully […]

Writer explains how to go from brokenness to happiness

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, therefore, rolling out sat down with Robin Lynn Griggs, the author of Broken: 2B Or Not 2B That Is the Question? to talk about life, mental health and what we can expect next from her wisdom, knowledge and growth in Jesus Christ.

‘The Fast and the Furious’ better watch out for Bristol, Tennessee

The Fast and the Furious better watch out for Bristol, Tennessee, baby! Start your engines, the summer road trip series is calling. Are you thirsting for an exotic destination, then look beyond the threshold of your back door. Right there? Yes, northern Tennessee is the perfect gem to quench your travel woes and test your […]

I bumped into Barack and Michelle Obama in Alexandria, Virginia

Ahhh, excuse me did someone say the playground for President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Well, I did not bump into the Obama family as I hoped, but I did receive the presidential treatment at some of the first families hot spots! My title is catchy, but isn’t it? However, you will have […]

3 ‘non-Mouse’ adventures you must do in Orlando

Orlando adventure is calling. Sunshine is your first lure to Florida hence the Sunshine State nickname. Central Florida, specifically Orlando, is often overlooked beyond the fanfare of Disney. Let’s face it, the magic of Mickey is undeniable. Daily fireworks mesmerize onlookers while millions of travelers keep the city buzzing year-round. The wonderful world of Disney […]

Helicopters, speed and speakeasy cocktails in Las Vegas

I live for Las Vegas. I don’t know about you but a night club just won’t do. Who needs the potential of a hangover? That thought alone makes me cringe. Moreover, the idea of waiting in line, drinks spilling and the blare of loud speakers are less inviting as I age gracefully. Don’t get it twisted […]

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