Willie Lee Morrow, inventor of the Afro pick, dies at 82

The inventor of the Afro pick, Willie Lee Morrow, died on June 22, 2022. He was 82. Morrow established himself in San Diego, California, in 1959, where he felt there was an opportunity for him to grow. He taught himself the basics of barbering and chemistry, and used those skills to begin his hair care […]

Apollo Nida slams fan who made fun of his post-prison job

After Apollo Nida walked out of a New Jersey prison for the second — and hopefully last —time in three months, the father of two secured a gig to get rolling in the new chapter of his life. The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star made his first Instagram post in about a year, telling his […]

Watch: The Padded Room with host DJ Waffles

On today’s show @Dj_waffles sit down with celebrity barber Cassius and celebrity video director Cricket to discuss the tumultuous weekend in media and entertainment. Tune in!

Big Lurch is a curator in and out of the barbershop

Atlanta resident Big Lurch, aka Lurchero, is a barber at one of Atlanta’s most popular barbershops, Killer Mike’s SWAG Shop on Edgewood. To add, this self-proclaimed renaissance man is also a serious art lover, gallery owner and art event organizer. While he curates “style” (IG: @lurchcutz) at SWAG, as an event curator, he creates experiences; further, […]

Barber arrested after this haircut. What would you do? (PIC)

A haircut has led to the arrest of a barber in Madison, Wisconsin according to police. Last Friday, a 22-year-old male customer went to “Ruby’s Salon” and sat in the chair of Stylist Khaled A. Shabani, 46. According to a police report, Shabani became irritated and told his customer to stop fidgeting. When the man did […]

Yisrael Wright teaches entrepreneurs how to take advantage of their passion

Yisrael Wright is a young mogul in the making. He is an established licensed men’s grooming specialist who is dedicated to furthering himself in the hair and beauty industry. Aside from servicing residents of Atlanta and a multitude of celebrities, Wright has his hands on multiple projects and businesses that have inspired him to write […]

Examining ‘rolling out’s’ national search for the ultimate beard

“Friends. Romans. Countrymen. Lend me your beards …” If there is ever an assembly of this nation’s brightest, bearded minds, smart money would suggest that the convention would begin with those words. And while that utterance would be a clear knock off of Shakespeare’s finest hour as a writer, there is something poetic about the […]

Catherine Wilson builds a lucrative business as a barber with 61 Cutz

Catherine Wilson turned a talent for barbering into a business when she opened 61 Cutz Barber Shop in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Read on to find out why her clients are so loyal, who she counts as her favorite businesswomen and her overarching goal as a business owner. Why did you decide to pursue barbering as a profession? […]

Celebrity barber Erskine Reeves talks man weave and self-esteem

Erskine Reeves is a barber to the stars, a business owner, and is currently a director of the Illinois Association of Cosmetology Schools. Reeves’ skill and professional approach have afforded him the ability to achieve notoriety and be looked at as a leader in his industry. He is currently demonstrating his man-weave technique to the world. […]

Barry B. is the ‘stars’ barber’

Barry B.: The Stars Barber What inspired you to become a barber? As a child, my mother would have my brother cut my hair. Needless to say, my haircuts were less than desirable. After doing some major complaining, my mom allowed me the opportunity to begin cutting my own hair. What makes your services more special […]

Off the Hook Barber Shop keeps patrons on the razor’s edge

Off the Hook Barber Shop is one of Atlanta’s most heralded businesses when it comes to grooming Black men and some women. Off the Hook, located close to downtown in the bustling Castleberry Hill corridor in Atlanta, offers a familiar and simultaneously different experience for clients. It is a key component of Off the Hook’s success that they make sure each […]

Tony’s Barber Studio is ‘simply everything’

Tony Roberts, is the owner and operator of Tony’s Barber Studio. If you are looking for a professional barber studio, Roberts is the one to see. Tony’s Barber Studio is located in the Colony Square building on Peachtree. You can enjoy the luxury of parking in climate-controlled secure facility for up to two hours with […]

Black Senator Tim Scott called Republican puppet

  NAACP North Carolina prez calls black Sen.Tim Scott GOP puppet Tim Scott is one of only two black US Senators; the other is former NJ mayor Corey Booker. Scott has shown himself unsupportive of black issues instead following the Tea Party Agenda.  The Senator has called for the impeachment of Obama, repealing of Obama care […]

Hairstylist Eddie Alexander likes to educate clients

How did you arrive at this career choice? Was it a deliberate decision or a gradual and natural evolution? It was a deliberate decision. Originally, I was going to be a barber, but I felt it would limit my opportunities. So I figured I’d do cosmetology and get the best of both worlds. What separates […]

Whitlow’s Barber Lounge in Detroit: A cultural masterpiece and legendary landmark

Vonzie Whitlow has barber’s clippers and the Civil Rights Movement in his DNA. And he combines his love of sculpting hair with his passion for social and cultural improvement, and that’s why the Whitlow’s Barber Lounge has become a community institution and historic landmark in the city of Detroit. For the past half-century, Whitlow’s Barber […]

The Showdown in Motown: BIGEN Barber Showdown Hits Detroit

The last of the preliminary Bigen barber competitions was held in Detroit on Sunday, May 19, at the historic Atheneum Suite Hotel and Conference Center. As the popular competition grows, barbers are coming from across the country to participate. In a ballroom filled to capacity with awed onlookers, contestants displayed their tonsorial skills and precise […]