DJ Hercurock earned his mixing stripes in the streets of the South Bronx

DJ Hercurock hails from the mean streets of the South Bronx where he was exposed to many musical influences at an early age such as soul music, salsa, rock, and street-corner doo-wop. DJ Hercurock became the youngest, professional club DJ in New York City, and was hired by The Best of Friends which owned five […]

This music video helped NYPD take down 20 alleged gang members

On April 7, 2022, more than 20 alleged Bronx gang members were taken into custody and named in an 82-count indictment that involved 32 violent crimes committed over a three-year period. The investigation, which is titled “Operation Drilly” has evidence of a series of killings, including the deaths of 20-year-old Delila Vasquez in 2021 and […]

Fat Joe launches relief fund for victims of New York fire

Fat Joe has started a relief fund for those affected by the deadly fire in Bronx, New York, which left at least 17 dead. Joe is working with New York City Mayor Eric Adams to move forward with the fundraiser. He has received contributions from Jay-Z and DJ Khaled and is looking for other celebrities in […]

Congress recognizes Hip Hop Celebration day in recognition of 1st hip-hop party

Flyer for the Back To School Jam hosted by DJ Kool Herc. Hip-hop holiday signals a turning point in education for a music form that began at a back-to-school party in the Bronx This article written by : A.D. Carson Assistant Professor of Hip-Hop, University of Virginia Whenever I teach courses on hip-hop at the University […]

Angelica Vila: Roc Nation’s Bronx bombshell prepares for takeoff

Bronx, New York, has always served as a cornerstone for urban music. Without New York City’s “greenest borough,” it’s arguable that hip-hop would not exist as it does today. Known as the birthplace of hip-hop and the hometown of notable artists such as DJ Kool Herc, D-Nice, Swizz Beatz and Jennifer Lopez, it’s easy to […]

Family of mother who died while giving birth, billed $2K by hospital

A 26-year-old Bronx woman who was experiencing symptoms consistent with a low platelet count has died while giving birth to her first child. Amber Isaac was about a month away from delivering when she learned about the symptoms, which can cause several complications for women during pregnancy. She reportedly contacted her doctor and ultimately failed […]

Jealous boyfriend kept woman’s body 2 days before going to police

A New York man prone to fits of jealousy and rage is in jail after confessing to the murder of his girlfriend. Angel Felix Rodriguez, 23, is now facing charges of murder and manslaughter in the death of his girlfriend Indira Ramirez-Rivera, 21. According to the NY Daily News, neighbors have stated that the couple often […]

Bronx man robbed of $96K after orgy celebrating lawsuit win

A  Bronx, New York man had a very expensive night of sex after celebrating a lawsuit payout. According to the NY Post, Saul Mata Vellegas had just received a massive payout of $96K from a car accident. Rather than put the money in a bank, he decided to carry it around in a suitcase. This […]

Massive Bronx apartment fire claims 12 victims including children

A tragedy has unfolded before the new year as a massive apartment fire in the Bronx has claimed the lives of 12 people. Fire department officials say the blaze started on the first floor of a 5-story building located on Prospect Avenue in the Belmont neighborhood near the Bronx Zoo. Among the dead are 4 […]

Serving coke with fries leads to arrest of fast-food manager

A manager at a Bronx, New York, fast-food restaurant was arrested after police got more than fries with their order. The owner of the franchise restaurant, Tony Rodriguez, issued a public statement saying in part, “The actions of this employee are unacceptable and will not be tolerated in my organization. We are cooperating with NYPD investigation and defer all further questions on this matter to them.”

Brokenhearted father dies within hours of his son’s death

Duro Akil, 34, a deliveryman for Fresh Direct, was shot in the torso by a stray bullet on Monday, Aug. 7. On Wednesday, Aug. 9, he died at Jacobi Medical Center. His lung was punctured. Akil was a father of two. Elijah Smith, 25, has been named as a suspect. Akil was mortally wounded when […]

Bloody Fourth of July in New York

Last night, Fourth of July celebrations became quite deadly for jubilant citizens in New York. According to police reports, fourteen people were shot on the often-dangerous holiday. By the end of the bloody night, 10 shooting incidents had been reported, the first at about 5:17 p.m. in Flatbush, Brooklyn where a 24-year-old man had been […]

Husband who beat would-be rapist to death cheered

Mamadou Diallo, age 61, is a true protector of the women in his family. This past Monday night, a man identified as Earl Nash, age 43, slipped into the Bronx, New York apartment building that Diallo’s family lives in. According to witness statements, Nash was going from door to door asking for water when he […]

Heartless obese woman robs elderly woman, 103, is hunted by police

A female suspect weighing in at 250 pounds robbed a 103-year-old woman in the hallway near her Bronx apartment, Bellamy Loop in Co-op City. The 5 foot 8 inches tall mugger followed the elderly woman onto the elevator. She knocked her to the ground, took her purse and two meals. The robbery was caught on video surveillance. The […]

Father kills his pregnant daughter and buries her body in the basement

A man in New York allegedly killed his daughter after she discovered his thievery. According to the New York Daily News, William Caruth, 61, had been living with his daughter Andrea Caruth, 39, and her boyfriend in the Bronx, New York. Andrea, who was pregnant at the time, discovered that her father was stealing from her and […]

Wheelchair-bound pimp busted


“It’s hard out there for a pimp” especially when you’re in a wheelchair. Police arrested David Hope, 28, of the Bronx, NY for running a prostitution ring from his apartment. The disabled pimp used online ads to offer up the services of prostitutes and was busted this past Thursday. Authorities state that Hope faces charges […]

Halloween tragedy; car slams into crowd of trick-or-treating kids

Halloween turned into a tragic nightmare for a group of children and adults in New York City. According to police and witness statements, a group of young children were being led down a Bronx sidewalk on Morris Park Avenue. A loud boom was heard and a car jumped the curb, slamming into a crowd. Some victims […]

Naked, ranting mom throws 6-month-old from NY building

A  naked  Bronx, New York mother screaming about God, Satan and the end of days dangled her 6-month-old daughter from a  6th floor window yesterday and is now being held on charges of second degree murder. The mother, Tenisha Fearon, 27, is being described as emotionally disturbed and incoherent. A crowd gathered yesterday afternoon as […]