Mike Tyson will not face charges after punching passenger on a plane

Law enforcement in San Francisco will not be indicting Mike Tyson on any criminal counts after footage last month went viral showing him socking a passenger who Tyson claimed was “harassing” him. They justified their decision not to prosecute based on the “circumstances surrounding the confrontation.” The San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office told People […]

Teen sought for setting fire to woman’s hair on San Francisco bus (video)

Shocking surveillance video footage shows a male teenager setting fire to a woman’s hair as she sits on a San Francisco bus. The teen, dressed in all red, slides behind the woman, who was facing forward, seemingly with no idea what about to happen. The footage, released June 2 by San Francisco police, shows the […]

Kanye West declares love for wife Kim Kardashian in birthday message (photo)

Kanye West declared his love for wife Kim Kardashian West as he wished her a happy 40th birthday. The 43-year-old rapper took to Twitter to share a throwback of his 2013 proposal at baseball stadium AT&T Park in San Francisco, and admitted he loves his significant other — who he married in May 2014 — […]

William H. Bryant Jr. of ‘Greenleaf’ shares journey from athlete to actor

“Greenleaf” is currently one of OWN’s most popular dramas on TV right now. Actor and model William H. Bryant Jr. has had the good fortune to star on the hit show. The Bay Area native previously had set his sights on a professional football career. A star athlete as a child, he played college football while […]

Lena Waithe secretly marries longtime fiancée

Lena Waithe secretly tied the knot. The “Westworld” actress and her partner Alana Mayo tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in San Francisco recently, almost two years after they got engaged, in a spur-of-the-moment decision. Appearing in “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Waithe told guest host John Legend: “We snuck and did it. We didn’t really make […]

Crying boy begs White father not to call police on Black man (video)

A young White boy cried and repeatedly yanked on his father in a futile plea to convince him not to call the police on a Black man who was entering an apartment building they were leaving. The Black man, 35-year-old software engineer Wesly Michel, recorded the White father as he asked Michel what he was […]

Fired racist cop robs a bank while on bond

A disgraced San Francisco cop fired over racist text messages is now a criminal behind bars. Rain Olson Daugherty has been fighting his termination from the police force since 2015. At the time investigators uncovered a group of officers sending text messages that included talk of burning crosses, killing Blacks and homophobic remarks. Daugherty and […]

Why a Black dad’s $289M award for cancer caused by Roundup might be reduced

DeWayne Johnson, 46, used the weed killer Roundup as part of his daily job for years. Until he found it gave him terminal cancer. He sued the Monsanto, the makers of Roundup and won a $289 million judgment against the company in August 2018. A San Francisco jury found that Monsanto knew or should have […]

#PermitPatty memes slam woman for calling cops on Black girl selling water

Black Twitter routinely stalks its electronic prey — enemies, real and imagined — with ruthless abandon and rips apart their carcasses until virtually nothing is left to even sweep into a dustpan. Alison Ettel, now known across the internet as #PermitPatty, is next in line after a video, in which she claimed to call police […]

Gunman on the loose at YouTube headquarters near San Francisco

Police in Northern California are reportedly responding on Tuesday afternoon to a possible shooter at the headquarters of YouTube in San Bruno, California, officials said according to the Los Angeles Times and BBC News. Police are advising people in a Twitter message to stay far from the address where YouTube, owned by Alphabet Inc’s Google, […]

Hairstylist Bella B finds huge success in an unlikely place

For many people, it is believed moving from a small town to the big city will allow their dreams to come true, but for hair stylist Trashauna Spencer, aka Bella B, it was the total opposite. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay area, Bella B moved to Montgomery, Alabama to attend college at Alabama State University. […]

‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ 3 best moments from episode 5

While the ladies attempt to make sense of what happened between Kim and Kenya at the white party, Sheree continues to play her peacemaker role and decides to bring the housewives together in San Francisco for a little rest and relaxation. Here are the top highlights from season 10, episode five. Team Zolciak-Biermann vs. Team […]

San Francisco police chief forced to resign amid racial tensions

The city of San Francisco has been plagued with a series of racially charged incidents that has led to the resignation of its chief of police. Yesterday SFPD Police Chief Greg Suhr stepped down from his position at the request of Mayor Ed Lee. The resignation came hours after a Black woman was killed by […]

Kreayshawn responds to fan’s GoFundMe account for her rap career

There is nothing wrong with being a super-fan of your favorite artist but sometimes people can take things too far. Take the case of San Francisco based rapper Kreayshawn. After going on a Twitter rant and explaining that the IRS “wiped (her) whole bank account clean. 4 days before X-mas” and leaving her with literally $0 in […]

10 cops gun down Black man on sidewalk in San Francisco

[jwplatform 0P0BEA0w] San Francisco police killed a disturbed Black man holding a knife on a busy sidewalk. At least 10 officers surrounded and opened fire on the dazed looking man, killing him. The man was a suspect in a nearby stabbing. Some are calling the shooting an excessive use of force.

Hennessy Privilège Series highlights tastemaker and CEO Tristan Walker

San Francisco’s Hawthorn nightclub recently played host to the Hennessy Privilège Series featuring popular tastemaker Tristan Walker. Walker, CEO and founder of Walker & Company, parent company for Bevel (who counts Nas among it’s investors), teamed with Hennessy to highlight individuals who are breaking barriers for African Americans, as well as the reinvention and broadening of men’s fashion and lifestyle. “Our team […]

Earthquake rocks Northern California

A 6.0 earthquake hit the San Francisco Bay and Oakland area early Sunday morning, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The earthquake hit just before 3:30 a.m. It is the largest earthquake to shake the area since 1989. The earthquake set off car alarms and had people running from their homes in the middle […]