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Kenyetta Campbell believes in Detroit’s Cody Rouge youth and families

Photo courtesy of Kenyetta Campbell

Kenyetta M. Campbell is a servant leader who is a champion of community-led development efforts.

Campbell is the founder and executive director of the Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance CDC that has been recognized for its groundbreaking work in youth, family and community development.

With a laser-like focus on her local neighborhood, Detroit’s Cody Rouge community, Campbell has been responsible for co-creating and shepherding several key initiatives. She brokered a $400K deal to open, a multiservice community center for wraparound services to address needs and service gaps identified by the community.

Rolling out recently spoke with Campbell in Detroit regarding the organization’s goals and current projects.

What does your leadership role CRCAA involve?

I am responsible for health awareness, neighborhood stabilization, community engagement, and youth development in the Cody Rouge community in Detroit.

What is the mission and vision of the organization?

Our mission is to revitalize and sustain a healthy community where residents have access to and promote a high quality of life.

In your leadership role, what is your commitment to the community?

I’m committed to attracting resources for the residents and youth in Cody Rouge. Cody Rouge has the second-highest number of children in the city of Detroit. It is my passion, purpose, and desire to ensure that the 13,000 youth [here] reach their highest potential. I strive to build a leadership pipeline.

What would you say are the nonprofit’s top tier programs?

Our top programs are as follows:

– Youth development;

– Youth council;

– Summer youth employment;

– Community engagement;

– Community meetings;

– Community education;

– Community planning;

– Food drives;

– Uniform drives;

– Back-to-school rallies;

– Neighborhood stabilization;

– Minor home repair;

– School repair;

– Tax foreclosure assistance;

– Cleanups and beautification projects.

Why should someone want to support your nonprofit financially or in other ways?

We are seeking financial support for a teen center that is being planned by our teens. The Cody Rouge Youth Council has worked extremely hard in mapping out their plans for a teen operated center. Financial support will be used for programming and operations.

Name three nonprofit leaders, business leaders or political leaders who inspire you.

The three leaders that inspire me are Gail Perry-Mason, Bob Johnson, and Barack Obama.