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Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders » Jason Geter’s new series provides invaluable knowledge to emerging creatives

Jason Geter’s new series provides invaluable knowledge to emerging creatives

Jason Geter (Photo provided)

Jason Geter has never been accused of being shallow. His life and career are rooted in developing successful businesses, including Grand Hustle, of which he is the co-founder, AKOO, the Hustle Gang brand, movies, artists and his new music tech venture Heavy Sound Labs. All that he’s done as a businessman inspires conversation among the masses and in turn, he creates success — repeatedly.

As the global pandemic has maintained its stranglehold on the public, Geter has yet again provided some light with which to ease the pressures that come with shelter-in-place orders. He calls it “Heavy Talk.” Since April 11, 2020, Geter has hosted the conversation series each Saturday afternoon with guests who include Ming Lee (“Snob Life”), Coach K, DJ Scream, Zaytoven and Dame Dash.

Geter broke down some of the elements of the show and what makes it special, with or without a stay-at-home order.

What is the overall goal of the show?

The overall goal of “Heavy Talk” is to give emerging creatives the opportunity to listen and learn from some of the leading minds in music, film, TV, fashion and tech. Most of our guests are the power players behind the scenes, the button pushers, the ones who rarely share their personal career journeys and give insight into their business strategies. I think what makes our platform so exclusive is not only the quality of our guests, but we’ve all built solid relationships with each other over the years and that connection comes through in the knowledge they share.

How did you go about choosing who you would speak to?

I like to choose people who have a proven track record of success in their field and those who I think will impart beneficial information that speaks to the times we’re living in right now, such as how they’re navigating these new challenges in their business.

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