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Joycelyn Savage’s parents say she’s still controlled by R. Kelly (video)

Joycelyn Savage’s parents say she’s still controlled by R. Kelly (video)
R. Kelly (Photo credit: Bang Media)

R. Kelly has been in custody since July 2019 and was convicted on all counts in a federal sex trafficking trial in September but the family of one of his girlfriends and alleged victims claims she’s still under the “12 Play” singer’s control. The parents of Joycelyn Savage told TMZ that they have been trying to contact their daughter since the recent passing of her grandmother and have publicly pleaded for their daughter to call home.

Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage told TMZ that despite Kelly’s recent conviction and pending state trials for similar sex crimes charges, they are still being blocked from speaking to their daughter by the singer’s handlers.

“Joycelyn, we need to hear from you directly. We always heard from third parties’ information, and we weren’t able to hear from her directly without what I call ‘prison calls,’ where the calls are scripted,” Jonjelyn Savage told the media outlet.

Jonjelyn Savage’s mother recently died from cancer, and the couple says they have been unable to reach Joycelyn to convey the news.

“I wanna hear from my daughter. Listen, Robert is locked up. All these enablers need to move aside. Joycelyn, I need to see you at that funeral,” Timothy Savage told TMZ’s audience while pleading with his daughter.

Kelly was in relationships with both Savage and Azriel Clary at the same time and both women are said to have been victimized emotionally and physically by the singer. The two ladies also were part of a staged interview with Gayle King where he allegedly told them what to say and how to answer questions prior to his cases going to trial. Clary has seemed to be able to escape the mental hold that R. Kelly had on her but sources told King in a recent interview since Kelly’s conviction that it will take time for Savage to process everything and eventually leave.

“I feel like time [will help]. Me and Joy, we’ve had a lot of very womanly conversations, and we had that privilege when he was in jail. It was a beautiful thing, and she had expressed to me a lot of the things that she wasn’t happy with, and I had expressed to her a lot of the things that I wasn’t happy with. I know that she already knows that it isn’t healthy. It’s really just a matter of time when she wants to put herself first because that’s really all it boiled down for to me. I just had to put myself first,” Clary told King.

Take a look at the footage as Joycelyn Savage’s parents plead for her to come home once again.


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