Sunny Smith-Williams gives back to homeless shelters in New York communities

Talk about the 2020 Thanksgiving Give Back initiative and how it began? I own three homeless shelters in NYC and have been in the housing and shelter business since 2011. In October 2015, Shared Living Residential (SLR) was born after serving time in federal prison and realizing that the majority of displaced individuals were formerly […]

Juanita Woodson describes how to break through to better confidence in 2020

We live in an ever-changing world of what beauty, intelligence and success should look like. If one chooses to chase such things, it could produce a constant climate of comparison, inadequacy, discontent and unfulfillment. More than ever, we need to be fortified with confidence. Self-confidence is the permission and authorization to be powerful and authentic […]

Howard University introduces new executive diversity coaching program

Towanna Burrous

The Howard University School of Business has launched its new Executive Certification in Diversity Coaching program. The mission is to offer a high-value, industry-leading program that disrupts how executive coaching is presented, embraced, practiced and executed. Program participants will receive a world-class education, best practices and market-ready strategies to enable them to make an indelible […]

Mega-entrepreneur Janice Bryant Howroyd shares down-home wisdom for success

Janice Bryant Howroyd

Mega-entrepreneur Janice Bryant Howroyd provides leaders with a model for tapping into their roots to drive success. Acting Up! Winning In Business and Life Using Down-Home Wisdom is the story of her journey from growing up in a family of 11 children in the segregated South to becoming the country’s second-richest African American woman with a […]

Barbara Barnes shares startup tips for real estate investors

Barbara J. Barnes

Millennials today are making their mark in the marketplace. Barbara J. Barnes is living proof that success for a single, African American mom of two daughters in a highly competitive industry is not an impossibility. At age 24, an extremely unpleasant experience with a real estate agent during the purchase of her first home provoked […]

Married CEOs share benefits of building multiple streams of income

Akin and Tara Omotosho

Nearly 8 out of 10 American workers say they live paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet, according to a CBS News report. Additional concerns include job security, savings, retirement and pension plans. Since the days of “job security” that previous generations knew are gone and most people are no longer working at jobs for 20 years […]

Monique Rodriquez celebrates influential women with style and substance

Monique Rodriquez

To summarize the entire experience in two words: undeniably unforgettable. On Friday, Aug. 24, high-achieving, high-impacting influencers galvanized from around the country to converge on the rooftop terrace of the magnificent Marriott Marquis in Washington, DC. Monique Rodriquez, CEO and founder of award-winning beauty brand Mielle Organics, presented her inaugural Beyond Your Beauty dinner series. The evening exploded with power […]

Creating a coaching culture can change employee engagement

Cultivating a culture of coaching within an organization is quickly becoming the newest trend in managing employee engagement — and for good reason. Equipping managers and leaders with coaching skills can radically improve working relationships that are critical to building an inclusive workplace culture. Managers and leaders who are trained to use coaching skills are […]

Janice Bryant Howroyd shares big tips on nurturing small businesses

Janice Bryant Howroyd

Let’s face it. It can be quite challenging, even downright daunting to focus on future growth when we’re seemingly caught in the thicket of small beginnings. There’s an ancient inquiry that still echoes throughout the corridors of time: “Who has despised the day of small beginnings?” During a quaint, down-home dialogue with Janice Bryant Howroyd, […]

Antar Muhammad discusses servant leadership essentials

“Don’t allow your head to take you, where your heart should be leading you.” –Antar Muhammad, author of HeartCore From the genesis of time, leadership has been defined, interpreted, modeled and executed in great multiplicity and by varying methods. Many have associated leadership with a key person who’s in charge, making decisions, giving orders, setting […]

Dr. Jazz Sculark empowers women to shift from surviving to thriving

Dr. Jazz Sculark

Often in the midst of turbulence, tragedy, technology and trends, most wouldn’t deny that our world is ever-changing — nothing remains the same. One thing is for sure, women are on the rise like never before. Back in the mid-’70s, Gloria Gaynor released the iconic hit “I Will Survive,” which set women ablaze across the […]

Kenneth Kelly talks about entrepreneurship, community and economic development

Kenneth Kelly

“I’ve always been an entrepreneur — from mowing lawns and delivering grocery as a teen, to selling laptop computers in my early 20s.” –Kenneth Kelly, president and CEO, Strativia Prior to co-founding Strativia, Kenneth Kelly worked for Visual One Systems Corporation where he managed financial management software installation projects at hotels and resorts throughout the […]

Attorney Yaida Ford shares practical advice to aid against injustice

Yaida Ford

The Ford Law Pros PC, led by managing principal Yaida Ford, is fully committed to serving in the areas of estate planning, community associations, landlord-tenant, civil rights, employment law and consumer protection. We recently caught up with Ford to talk about a recent case of injustice and how we need to be positioned and armed to […]

T. D. Jakes touts entrepreneurship to empower underserved communities

T. D. Jakes

With brutal temps in the single digits and a wicked wind chill factor that blanketed the entire northeast region, I arrived on-site with high expectancy that within a matter of minutes the climate would shift to sizzling as we ascended on the subject matter of — entrepreneurship. It was indeed a distinct honor and privilege […]

Erana Tyler discusses smart transitions into full-time entrepreneurship

Erana Tyler

Change and transition are never easy, no matter where you find yourself in life. As a fragile teenage mom, Erana Tyler didn’t have a clue about life, let alone the reality of raising a brand new baby girl. Fortunately, she was blessed with a loving and caring mother and strong, supportive family, who helped until […]

Constance Carter shares wealth-building strategies for Blacks

Constance Carter

In a highly complex world where uncertainty, unrest and volatility are evident all around us, we must continue to think differently, plan smartly, execute strategically, and reap consistently. Many are continuing to shatter the statistic and proverbial stereotype that we’re too afraid to get educated and expose ourselves to income diversification and wealth opportunities. Constance […]