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How exercise lowers blood pressure
High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a common health concern that affects millions worldwide....
The mental health impact of miscarriage
The journey to parenthood is filled with anticipation, excitement, and dreams of the future. However,...
What to tell your teenager about HPV
As a parent, one of your many responsibilities is to ensure your teenager is well-informed about health issues that may impact their lives. One such critical topic is human papillomavirus (HPV). This virus...
5 natural remedies for acid reflux
Acid reflux, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), is a digestive disorder that causes...

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breast cancer
Why breast cancer recurrence rates are higher in Black women
sleep aides
7 natural sleep aids to help you rest better
Why snoring can create heart problems
5 spiritual principles that connect to apologies

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Dr. Brandon K. Williams and Dr. Joseph Fowler Jr.
Chiropractors Joseph Fowler, Brandon K. Williams on mental health
April Love headshot 2
Cancer thriver April Love producing 5th 'Pink Awards' to honor survivors
Dr. Rashad Sanford unveils his anti-inflammatory foot cream, Keep Steppin'
Dr. Sheryl Heron reveals inequities with AI in health care
Associate Director of Sales for the Borough of the Bronx for MetroPlusHealth, Rasheeda Petersen. (Photo by Derrel Jazz Johnson for rolling out.)
MetroPlusHealth continues to serve the Bronx community with new initiatives
Maimah Karmo
Breast cancer survivor Maimah Karmo starts Tigerlily to foster equal treatment


5 exercises that will help your stomach shrink
In the journey toward achieving a toned and healthy body, focusing on exercises that help shrink the...
4 powerful exercises to strengthen back muscles
Strengthening back muscles is crucial not only for athletes but also for anyone interested in maintaining...
Abandoned your new year fitness goals? Here are 3 ways to get back on track
Eddie Thomas is helping people in Michigan become more fit and healthy, opening a business called Trinity...
5 exercises that will help your stomach shrink
In the journey toward achieving a toned and healthy body, focusing on exercises that help shrink the...

Food & Nutrition

Justin Sutherland
How Justin Sutherland is making a mark in the culinary world
An array of colorful fruitss sprawled about.
15 snacks to improve your health and wellness
Keith Lee thankful for love in return to 2nd food tour in Atlanta (video)
How discount grocers like Aldi and Save-A-Lot are keeping food affordable
How Justin Sutherland is making a mark in the culinary world

Black Intellectuals

Ernest Holmes
Google's new annex classroom opens at Morehouse College
INROADS student Beau Everett
INROADS student Beau Everett looking to make a mark in banking and financing
INROADS student Taylor Smith
INROADS student Taylor Smith has 1 common theme in her career aspirations
2024 INROADS Rising Star
2024 INROADS Rising Star Evan Malbrough shines by being a voice for the people

Finance & Wealth

Why working women should evaluate lovers' health and finances
The world of dating can be a whirlwind for working women. Juggling demanding careers, personal goals,...
How to gain wealth by watching a biography documentary
Biography documentaries offer more than just captivating glimpses into the lives of fascinating individuals....
What it means to be successful as a single woman
Financial success for single women goes beyond simply having a high income. It’s about achieving...
The push for a higher minimum wage amid inflation
The conversation around minimum wage in the United States is intensifying as inflation continues to impact...

Marketing & Branding

Girard Hardy
Bevel's Girard Hardy is committed to helping athletes look, feel and play well
US Brand Ambassador for CAMUS Cognac
As a brand ambassador, Aria Wright leads by being authentic, confident and bold
7 essential tips for parents navigating NIL marketing for kids
Gigi Harville
Marketing guru Gigi Harville explains why she prefers moving behind the scenes