Renowned journalist and author Denene Millner explores Blackness in new podcast

Denene Millner is a woman who walks with confidence. She knows who she is. When we first met, the aura surrounding Millner told me she was a sister with superpowers. As we talked it didn’t take long to realize that whatever Millner puts her mind to she accomplishes. Millner is an award-winning journalist who is […]

Journalist Sharon Reed describes the joys of motherhood

“Nobody gives you a handbook. I’m a mom who’s just trying to figure it out …,” said Atlanta journalist Sharon Reed. Rolling out spoke with Reed about her personal experience with motherhood and her excitement about the future.

Journalist Sharon Reed shares her views on motherhood

West Chester, Pennsylvania, native Sharon Reed was introduced to the city of Atlanta in 2015 when she became the primary news anchor for CBS46 (WGCL-TV) and Peachtree TV (WPCH-TV). She previously worked as an anchor-reporter in St. Louis, Baltimore, Miami, Philadelphia and Cleveland. For the past four years, Reed has juggled being a force behind […]

Michael B. Jordan and Denzel Washington to team up on new project

Michael B. Jordan is in talks to star in Journal for Jordan. The 32-year-old actor is reportedly in discussions to take on a key role in the drama movie, which will be directed by Hollywood great Denzel Washington. Oscar-nominated screenwriter Virgil Williams has penned the script, which is based on the true story of Dana Canedy, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, […]

CNBC finance correspondent Sharon Epperson shares expert advice

Sharon Epperson, an award-winning senior personal finance correspondent who can be seen regularly on CNBC television and other media platforms, was recently named one of the 12 to watch in TV news in 2018. She covers the many facets of how people manage, grow and protect their money, and her expertise includes saving, and investing […]

Wayne Ayers is an advocate for more Black media coverage in entertainment


Wayne Ayers is the prime example of hard work, faith, and determination. His harsh upbringing in Washington, D.C. drove him to want to work toward a better life for himself, and others. This led to him pursuing media and journalism, and from there, he’s interviewed celebrities including Dr. Dre, Jamie Foxx, and Floyd Mayweather at […]

Nekia Nichelle adds value to media

Media in all forms, from audio to video to social helps to shape minds and opinions. The individuals who hold the keys to this vehicle of expression have a responsibility to the world. We spoke to Nekia Nichelle, a digital and broadcast journalist who covers entertainment, lifestyle, beauty and fashion. Read on to find out what […]

John B. Smith Sr., publisher of ‘The Atlanta Inquirer,’ mourned by the masses

John B. Smith Sr. publisher of The Atlanta Inquirer, died on Thursday, April 27, in Atlanta. Smith was a respected, strong, effective, compassionate and courageous leader of the Black press in America for decades. Smith grew up in LaGrange, Georgia, and attended Morehouse College and Atlanta University. He served in the U.S. Army and taught […]

Goal-digger Gia Peppers talks dreaming big and working hard in entertainment

Good things come to those who work, and if you don’t believe me, ask entertainment journalist Gia Peppers. She has experienced the ups and downs of the entertainment industry from working on-camera and behind the scenes with BET, the NBA, Essence magazine, and more, but still continues to thrive upwards, while finding strengths in her […]

Songwriter and journalist Hassahn Phenomenon talks free thinking and purpose

There is honor in being your truest self. There is courage in pursuing your dreams no matter what obstacles can present themselves. Any individual who is truly striving to achieve their best understands these truths and moves with a purposeful stride in the direction of their greatness. We spoke with songwriter Chicago native and journalist Hassahn […]